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FarmVille Coming To Android Soon

If you are a FarmVille fan and  an Android phone or tablet owner, and love to reap your crops in the famous virtual farming social Facebook game, there is some interesting news for you. TalkAndroid has revealed that DNStination Inc has recently registered a domain called Farmvilleandroid.com and it is also worth mentioning that DNStination Inc also holds farmville.com as well as zynga.com itself. It wouldn’t be too irrational to deduct from this that Zynga has registered this domain, and the only rational reason for that would hint an Android release of the game.

Farm Ville is Zynga’s Facebook application with 235+ million monthly active users with 65+ million daily active players. This game is already available for iDevices in iTunes App store and soon, we can speculate that it will be available in Android Market.

We are not sure whether the Android version of this game will be compatible with all Android builds but with Flash 10.1 now available for Android 2.1 Eclair and Android 2.2 Froyo, we can see you farming on devices compatible with these Android firmware versions, as the game doesn’t require anything beyond flash and a modern web browser.

We know you are super-excited about getting the opportunity to start raising and tending to your crops and cattle on your Android devices as soon as possible but you will have to wait till there’s more info. Zynga hasn’t officially announced the released date nor they have claimed the registered web address until now. Stay tuned as we will update this post once there is official information available. Till then, you can hope for its launch on Android and continue playing it in Facebook or on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

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  • suzanne sefton

    Hi PLEASE HELP, I love playing farmville on my PC
    but would love to have it on my android Motorola Milestone.
    Please. Give me some good news xxx

  • Robert Marshall

    i love farmville and im level 30. i think that its the best game on facebook.

    • sprite

      Hey….imon myandroid laptop now…wil anyone please please please please tell me howto downoad adobe flash player to an android laptop and java to a android laptop pz plz plz I need help…if I don’t get my adobe flash player I can’t get on mmy farmville…and if you help me out and it works… ill add u on facebook so we canbe farmville buddies:) plz help!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs Patricia Fleming

    Hi! i own the android 2.1 and i was wondering when farmville was heading to that it would be great if u could get back to me. Thank u kindly

  • Mrs Patricia Fleming

    Hi! i own tha android 2.1 tablet and i was wondering when farmville was heading to that device as i no the android 2.2 has it could u get back to me that would great thank u kindly.

  • annrie

    I want to play,farmville and cityville on my sharp is03 android pone

  • goy

    I like to have FarmVille Facebook please help the owner android available to have FarmVille before they change to I Phone , … Especial me, I am own Samsung Fasinate… Thanks you.

  • nina

    I have the samsung transformer and I love farmville and I would love to play it on my andriod so please make it avalible asap…. please message me back and let me know something…. thank you

  • Chris Andrews

    How much longer for the farmville on the Android? I am level 42 and I would like
    to play it on my phone. Pleeeeeease get soon..

  • Tyler

    Would be nice when thid comed out. Its been like a year comon.

  • Dee

    Well considering this post is from 2010 I’m not holding my breath…

  • tammie bryant brock

    Can I play farmville on my Samsung android phone

  • Deborah

    I have a Samsung infuse 4 g. and have 160 gifts waiting. And my crops have already wilted. Lol

  • °•°•°•tammy•°•°•°

    Plz make farmville app for android. I will pay!

  • diana campisi

    Would really be helpful to have farmville app for my adroid phone.in case i cant get to use a pc.

  • marie

    when can i play games eg farmville on htc wildfire with small screen resolution
    says i need 480×320 and says wait until available

  • Lynn matthews

    I have the galaxy s & was told I could play farmville. Please jelp!

  • sharon

    I have an iphone and ipad and there’s not much you can do on Farmville on either. I have harvested some crops before they wilted and sent a few gifts, but that’s about it. It probably would work better on Android, because Apple doesn’t have Adobe flash player and I get a message that I need to download Afp to do a lot of things.

  • Patrick

    I used to play Farmville till my computer broke, and I have an Android. Loved playing the game, and adding a free app on the Android market would expand their reach of accessibility and give them a greater variety of people playing the game.

  • Janet

    I have a Xoom and love facebook on it but can’t seem to play farmville on it.I am a level 100 and it would be nice.

    • Prudence

      It says SOON!!! its over a year already… how much are we going to wait??

  • La Kiesha Byers

    wished cud play on my epic 4g….so depressing that iphone has tha capability but I guess they have a contract or agreement on somthing together…so lame when i can do everything but play my farm..and I dont always get my crops because limited on pc.

  • kortkneeshayne

    i have a LG G2X and I downloaded mafia wars an all that but no farmville!! WTF!!! LOL I am a FV addice lol level 110 and I would love to have it on my phone.. I just find it amusing I can get mafia wars an all the other zynga games but farmville. I paid for the farmville app and it said it was the game, and of course it was just hints and more BS!

  • neelkanth mehta

    I want to install farmville & cityville apps in my phone soon to play on my devise

  • kristine

    Please tell me how to play farmville I need it LOL.
    I have found some appear can’t get them to load. Any ideas

  • sus

    The guy that sold me the android said I could play farmville on it. He lied. You can’t even get the flash player. What a rip off.

  • shell

    i have a motorola throy can u play farmville on it cuz ive tryed it says coming soon on device

  • Joanned134

    I use to love to play farmville on my pc…Now i have up graded to Alcatel Android onetouch phone and it’s hard for me to get to farmville on my android plz.help me.,,

  • Auntkarebear

    Please hurry with this! I’m sick of waiting!!!

  • Dianacheshire

    I can’t waiting till it comes out in android as my son uses laptop all the time.

  • Ash

    i play city ville on Facebook but I can play it only on my laptop but I also want it on my HTC desire hd Android 2.3version .can any one please help me :(…………:(

  • Dr_ririn_2310

    I played farmville and reached level 100. I used acer aconia tablet and really want to played it from my tablet.

  • Rutger

    I don’t like this, i have version 1.7 of android, the processor can’t handle 2.1

  • Anara Prima

    Please release it soon.

  • Pinkhead

    any news on farmville for android users???

  • heart sevilla

    I can’t play my farmville on my samsung android phone,please do something for this

  • Mandy Desborough

    please please put Farmville 2 on android it would be extra fab xxxxxxxxxxx