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PlayUp For iPhone: Live Sports Scores & Fixture-Specific Chat Rooms

PlayUp is an iOS app for the iPhone which lets its users connect with people watching the same match as they are. If you are a fan of any team from any sport, you must know that most of us follow sports for one reason alone, to have bragging rights over our friends and acquaintances who are fans of rival teams. Sports is pretty much all about rivalry, be it Jets v Giants in the NFL, or Liverpool v Manchester United in Soccer. And the next best thing to watching a hotly contested match in the stadium is to interact with other spectators online. And what better way to do that than chatting during the match, and in real time! PlayUp is not just a platform for chatting with other sports fans, the app is a complete companion for important fixtures and has information regarding all the interesting sports events. Update: If you really want PlayUp on your Android phone as well, look at the end of this post.

PlayUp iOSPlayUp iOS Fixtures

You can browse through the app without having to create a new account but to join a discussion or interact in any way, you will need to have a PlayUp account. Signing up is easy and you can even sign up via Facebook instead of using your email address. By default, you are taken to the Live page where all the ongoing fixtures are displayed. Tap on the fixture you are interested in and PlayUp will display all the conversations going on in that fixture. You can join in any discussion or create your own. If you want, you can even form your own separate network and add your friends to it.

PlayUp iOS MenuPlayUp iOS Sports ListPlayUp iOS Chat Room

The choice of sports provided by the app is pretty vast. You are likely to find any particular match you want, no matter two which sports it belongs. PlayUp has a notification system of its own that lets you know whenever a person replies to your comment or joins a thread you started. The calendar you see in a sports category shows all the upcoming fixtures in a league or ongoing event, and each listed fixture has a detailed dedicated page of its own.

PlayUp is free and could prove to be pretty fun to use if you are a diehard sports fan.

Download PlayUp

[via NewJerseyNewsroom]

Here is the download link for the Android version of the PlayUp app.

Download PlayUp (Android)

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