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Protect Your Android Apps From Unwanted Users [Privacy]

You have a brilliant Android Device with 1GHz processor and a great camera. Huge collection of pictures, music, apps and other data are residing in your device. Your friends and family members are always wishing to have a glance at your phone and play with it, while you’re definitely worried about your privacy. App Slammer is a great app that locks apps to prevent unwanted users from using them. The tool comes with password protection support to allow access to authorized users only, thereby helping you with securing your precious Android data. If you are an Android user, you’ll be well-aware of the fact that, when it comes to individual app protection solutions, hardly a name surpasses Smart AppLock. That being said, it is not the only tool available in the market, and it’s the apps like App Slammer that try to provide users with handy alternatives.

After installing this app, password credentials are to be entered for protection of all locked apps. It will take some time to analyze all the apps you have installed in the Android phone. Apps can be locked down by tapping on their name and can be searched by pressing menu button and tapping search apps.

Apps can be sorted out by name, size and date via both ascending or descending order. Notification bar icon and default system apps can be enabled / disabled from the general settings.


To test, try to open an app which is locked, and notification in the status bar will appear stating ‘ (app name) is blocked by App Slammer’. Perhaps an ideal way to send a quite message to your friends not to fiddle with that particular app.


It is a very simple and straight forward app to keep your apps secure from others. The best part is that no rooting is required, especially considering it is designed to work with system apps, too. It was successfully tested on Samsung Galaxy S. However, in the coming updates, we would love to see a few useful features incorporated into the app. For instance, I would personally love to see alternative protection mechanisms added to the mix. How about making life a tad simpler by introducing the PIN or pattern-based protection? Moreover, the app can improve further by incorporating the stealth mode, using which, we have the option to hide some of the more sensitive apps on the list altogether.

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  • Zehra

    Wow, incredible smart phone tips.. I am glad to know that these smart phones are great competitor to Apple iPhone..
    – Keep up the good work

  • Brian

    it does not block default apps like gmail etc which would be the first thing i want to block

    • Brian you can lock default apps like Gmail. Go to the settings of App Slammer, check system entries and allow system app disable.!

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  • min min

    LEO Privacy is an app that can help to keep everything of yours nice and safe from prying eyes. This isn’t about having anything to hide, but more about being able to make sure the kids don’t end up sending emails to folks at the office, purchase pricey games or to make sure your partner doesn’t snoop and ruin a potential surprise or something much worse. That’s only one part of the equation here, and while that’s a big part of it, the most fun thing is that If someone tries to open app but enters wrong password, the app capture his photo. there’s more to it.i love it