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Reinstaller: Backup & Recover Deleted Apps To Your WP7 Account

It might not be a very common occurrence for Windows Phone 7 users, but there are times you are forced to wipe out all data from your device (by performing a factory reset). With the release of custom ROMs for WP7, it has become more likely that many people will opt to lose all their data in order to get a taste of the customized versions of Mango. Fortunately, you don’t have to lose your apps at least, because there is the amazingly useful app named Reinstaller out now. Even if you weren’t using the app before you wiped your phone, you can still recover all your apps via Reinstaller later. Sounds unbelievable? Read on to learn more.

Reinstaller WP7 Reinstaller WP7 Connect

Using Reinstaller is simple and easy. All you have to do is to launch the app, and tap Connect on the homepage. After that, you are taken to Microsoft’s app page, where you have to scroll down and tap Proceed anyway. Now, you will see a screen asking you to enter your Windows Live ID and password. You can use any Live ID, not just the one set up on your device currently. Once you have done that, Reinstaller will retrieve your app download history, and a new button, Next, will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap it to move to the next step.

Reinstaller WP7 Scan Reinstaller WP7 List Reinstaller WP7 App

After you have hit Next, wait for the app to populate the list of your past downloads. This might take some time, depending upon the number of apps you had downloaded on that account previously (more than 500 in my case). Once all the apps have been accounted for, you can hit the Back button and install the apps one by one, or there is the option to commence the downloads in one go.

In the Install menu on the homepage of Reinstaller, you get to choose which apps you want and which you don’t. You can make the selection by checking the desired ones. Reinstaller will ask for your permission before downloading and installing the selected apps. You can also stop the download process at any given time via the Stop button on the confirmation page. Reinstaller installs the apps by taking you to their respective official Marketplace pages, and from there on, the procedure is the same as downloading an ordinary app.

It might seem a bit surprising, but such a useful app is available for free in the Marketplace, and you can grab it by going to the web Marketplace link given below.

Download Reinstaller

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