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Rent & Watch Movies With Google Videos (Now On Android 2.2 & Above)

When the Android Market App (v3.0.26) was rolled out almost a month ago, it also brought with it the option of downloading books and renting movies directly from the Android Market. While all Android users had the option of renting their favorite movies from said platform, it was only the lucky blokes with Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1 who could watch (or stream) rented movies and videos through the official Google Videos app for Android. However, Google has recently decided to make its official videos app available to users running Android 2.2 or higher. Apart from streaming rented movies, users can also play their personal videos through the app.

The wait was somewhat longer but eventually, users having Froyo (Android 2.2) or higher can now rent movie titles from the huge online database of Google Videos, stream live movies on their devices and watch personal videos through the official app. The app opens to a home screen that sports a couple of tabs. While the My Rentals tab displays all your rented movies as well as top rentals on the Market, the Personal Videos tab contains all the videos that you have captured from your device.

The app also offers a couple of customization features for user convenience. In case you do not wish to stream a movie live, you can opt to make it available offline by tapping Menu>Manage Offline. In addition, you may also specify your default preference pertaining to downloading movies. For instance, the app can be set to download movies over a WiFi connection as well as over a mobile network. You can also set warning notification if movies are being streamed over a mobile network. On-screen caption font size can be adjusted from within app’s Settings menu. The app also contains a shortcut to Android Market for quick and easy access. Accounts can be easily managed/selected from the relevant menu.

Download Google Play Movies for Android

Update: In an attempt to offer all its services under one roof, Google decided to rebrand the Android Market as the Google Play Store, with effect from March 2012. Apart from updating the title of its Android app store, Google also decided to give a brand new moniker to its online books, music and movies store. Hence, users can now search for and access relevant content from within all aforementioned databases under the Google Play Books, Google Play Music and Google Play Movies titles, respectively.

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