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Root And CWM Recovery For HTC ChaCha Available [S–OFF Only]

In case you opted to go for ChaCha, the Android geared Facebook Phone from HTC, then there is some good and bad news. The good news is that root has been achieved on HTC Chacha, while the distressing part is that it’s only applicable on S-OFF devices. HTC has shipped majority of ChaCha’s with S-ON, which means a locked bootloader leaving the user unable to perform majority of the hacks and optimization mods. We are hopeful that this phone might also get officially unlocked from HTC after September.

In order to check if your phone has S –Off or On, go to Settings > Power And uncheck Fastboot. Once ChaCha-Rootdone, power off your device and then reboot while holding Volume Down button along with power button for around 5 second. This will boot the phone in HBOOT and if it shows, S-OFF then you are ready to root and if it’s anything otherwise, then you need to wait, exchange, rant or throwaway your device depending on your personal desires.

Jokes apart, we believe that the team behind AlphaRevX might also look into unlocking ChaCha’s bootloader, but there’s nothing that we can confirm or substantial evidence that this device is in their books at all.

In order to root HTC ChaCha after your are dead sure that you have S –OFF,  download CWM Recovery PH06IMG plus SuperUser.zip and then head to the official XDA rooting thread posted here for complete details [Downloads available with guide]. The credits for obtaining root privileges on HTC ChaCha go to atlx.xda, Mikevhl and ChainsDD.

Please note that rooting your phone voids any associated warranties / guarantees  and the procedure itself is dangerous with chances of permanent damage. Proceed with caution!


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