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Root And Install ClockworkMod Recovery On Android Viewsonic G Tablet

Viewsonic G TabletTablet computing has been on the rise lately and amongst the dozens of tablet devices on the market running the Android operating system, Viewsonic G Tablet has gained quite a fan following. If you own one of these tablets, you can now install ClockworkMod recovery on it that roots it and lets you perform a vast range of recovery operations not possible from the stock recovery.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.

We have featured ClockworkMod recovery on numerous occasions before. In case you are not familiar with it, it is a custom Android recovery that lets you install ROMs and apps to your device from zip files, perform and restore backups, wipe data (factory reset), wipe cache and perform several other recovery operations on your Android device.

To install ClockworkMod recovery on your Viewsonic G Tablet:

  1. Backup any data from your device that you may need later.
  2. Download ClockworkMod recovery from the link given below.
  3. Extract the contents of the downloaded file to your computer and copy the ‘recovery’ folder as well as the ‘update.zip’ file to the INTERNAL memory of your tablet.
  4. Turn your tablet off and reboot it into stock recovery by pressing the ‘Power’ button while keeping the ‘Volume Up’ button pressed.
  5. Navigate to ‘apply update.zip using the volume buttons and press the ‘Home’ button.
  6. Wait patiently while ClockworkMod recovery is installed to your tablet. This will also automatically root your tablet.
  7. Reboot into Android from recovery.

That’s it – you now have ClockworkMod recovery installed on your ViewSonic G Tablet and your device has been rooted as well. Why stop just at the recovery? Why not unleash the full potential of your tablet by installing our favorite custom Android ROM CyanogenMod on it? If you are ready to ditch the stock Android installation and install CyanogenMod on your device, head over to our guide on how to install CM 6.1 on G Tablet. Happy tablet computing!

Download ClockworkMod Recovery for Viewsonic G Tablet

[via CyanogenMod Wiki]


  1. gtab does not reboot in recovery when pressing the power button and the up volume key after installing the clockmod recovery files ” update + recovery”

    •  have you found the way to fix it? i’m having the same problem now . please get at me . thanks

  2. tengo uan gtablet view sonic android 2.2, le puse el room manager y seleccionar en modo recovery, pero el clockwormod que instale no carga sale cargandoe n recovery peor nunca entra, y ahora cada vez que prendo la tablet solo entra buscando el modo recovery y no pueo hacer nada T_T

  3. Procedure to Update LG Optimus 2x P990 with the latest version of Firmware:
    Follow the instructions stated below:
    Make sure that you have the latest version of ‘Smart Flash’ Tool available for LG Optimus 2x P990 also ensure availability latest ‘Smart Flash driver’. If not, then download them and install over your PC.
    Now, you will require running the SmartFlashTool_P990.exe on your computer.
    Now, turn off the phone and set that to download mode. ( to enter download mode : press Volume Down button and OK button simultaneously, while holding both press Power Button)
    Connect phone to PC with help of a compatible USB cord.
    The entry for COM Port option will be filled on its own.
    Select the “ROM Copy Download” tab in “Normal Mode”. Make sure that ‘Erase CAL’ is not selected.
    In this stage, tap on the browse button and select the appropriate FLS file.
    Finally, click on start and wait for process to complete

    Read more: http://www.androidgyan.com/2011/08/lg-optimus-2x-p990-clockworkmod.html

    Tips to Root / Update LG Optimus 2x P990 – Install ClockWorkMod Recovery

    Read more: http://www.androidgyan.com/2011/08/lg-optimus-2x-p990-clockworkmod.html

    • Yo mismo-I got all the way to the point that we run nvflash_gtablet.bat and command.exe comes up and says:

      Nvflash started
      nvflash configuration file error: file not found
      Press enter to continue

      Any suggestions?

  4. got it…install cwm via nvflash…then flash the rom…be sure to partition the sdcard 2.0/0 and clear cache and userdata…working great now.

    • Can you give a bit more details? I get this issue too and can’t really follow what you posted.

  5. I put the recovery and update.zip file onto the root of my internal sdcard and booted into the stock recovery. Now when I try to boot into recovery it just sits on the viewsonic screen with recovery key detected and Booting recovery kernel image in the top left corner of the screen but never boots into clockworkmod recovery. (It does boot into the stock tap n tap ui that I did not flash a new rom for yet because clockworkmod is not working and all my apps and the software seems to be working fine.)

    If I go to the recovery log using root explorer on the internal sdcard, it shows the activity for today and it says:

    I:Got arguments from SDCARD:recovery/comand
    Command: “//sbin/recovery” “–update_package=SDCARD:/update.zip

    Any help to either get clockworkmod recovery working or stock recovery without doing NVflash?

    • Same exact thing for me, verbatim, as Graham.

      I’ve deleted all of the files (recovery folder and the update.zip) from the gtablet and copied the cyanogen zip file from the internet over to the gtablet and extracted it with ES Explorer and copied it to the appropriate structure as a last step and it still didn’t work. This was after downloading the cyanogen file for a second time to make sure it wasn’t corrupted.

      I got into the stock recovery only on the very first time earlier tonight (just like Graham) and it crashed or just seemed to not load (just live Graham, but I dunno how long I actually waited… it was at least 20 mins) and since then it has been just booting to the key detected screen and stalling when I hold down the volume+ key and power (just like Graham)… or if I just let it boot it boots up to the stock version just fine.

      Dang, any ideas out there? Are these latest versions shipped with some very recent firmware change that doesn’t like this “rooting” technique and we are just the first few to find this out? What gives? 8)

  6. Need help BIG Time, After running the clockwork mod zipfile as explained…. I rebooted it and it will not boot up it keeps turning on and off. What can I do?

    •  Hello Ken,
      Have found any solution for the recovery key mode? im having the same problem

  7. how can I put files on the internal memory of my Gpad? I can get the files on my memory card, but I cant move the to the inernal memory. Im using Astro.
    Thanks for any help.

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