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Root And Install xRecovery On Xperia X10 Updated To Official Android Gingerbread [Azuzu Method]

Previously we reported Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread official roll out for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and now, the underground development community at XDA, has managed to attain root privileges. There are many pros and cons related to rooting any Android device and you can get a general idea by exploring the post we published sometime back. For those who still want to know “why root”, then a simple answer is that rooting allows you to gain near-to-complete access of your Android device and is a pre-requisite to run awesome mods, hacks, recovery and apks that require special permissions.

In order to root Xperia X10 on stock Android 2.3.3 official Gingerbread firmware, you will need Flashtool along with a kernel dowmgrade FTF ZuZu file. You can grab all the essentials from the official root thread here and then follow the instructions closely in video below to achieve root:

After you are done with rooting your phone, you can download doomlord’s xrecovery Flashtool patch and then first ask for Root Perms followed by flashing the recovery.

Here is the step by step video that let’s you install xRecovery after rooting your device:

Please note that rooting your device voids any associated warranty / guarantee from the manufacturer and you are on your own if you brick / permanently damage your device while rooting, flashing or installing custom stuff. If you do not understand the functionality of Flashtool or what downgrading a kernel is, then it’s better to stay away from these methods until a simpler one surfaces. And believe us, that won’t take long!

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