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Root And Install xRecovery On Xperia X10 Updated To Official Android Gingerbread [Azuzu Method]

Previously we reported Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread official roll out for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and now, the underground development community at XDA, has managed to attain root privileges. There are many pros and cons related to rooting any Android device and you can get a general idea by exploring the post we published sometime back. For those who still want to know “why root”, then a simple answer is that rooting allows you to gain near-to-complete access of your Android device and is a pre-requisite to run awesome mods, hacks, recovery and apks that require special permissions.

In order to root Xperia X10 on stock Android 2.3.3 official Gingerbread firmware, you will need Flashtool along with a kernel dowmgrade FTF ZuZu file. You can grab all the essentials from the official root thread here and then follow the instructions closely in video below to achieve root:

After you are done with rooting your phone, you can download doomlord’s xrecovery Flashtool patch and then first ask for Root Perms followed by flashing the recovery.

Here is the step by step video that let’s you install xRecovery after rooting your device:

Please note that rooting your device voids any associated warranty / guarantee from the manufacturer and you are on your own if you brick / permanently damage your device while rooting, flashing or installing custom stuff. If you do not understand the functionality of Flashtool or what downgrading a kernel is, then it’s better to stay away from these methods until a simpler one surfaces. And believe us, that won’t take long!

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  • Idtyu

    Juz to let u know, itz impossible to brick X10 and SONY Ericsson supports custom firmware n rooting

    • Ali Waqas

      Thanks for the info. But it’s our policy to state disclaimer , even if there are extremely thin chances, of messing up a device.

  • Gliale

    Thank U for this video!

  • adam

    AWESOME and straight forward video. I just read another link posted ONE DAY before you posted this saying it was impossible to root your device after upgrading to gingerbread, and you proved them wrong! Thank you SO MUCH for this!

  • John Nield

    Great video, I wish I’d found this tutorial earlier as would of saved hours of struggling.

  • Davide

    Ok thanks ….. good job ……
    Now I have my X10i with Android 2.3.3 and have a permess of root and have Installed
    XRecovery V.0.3……….
    Xrecovery don’t function very good because don’t install a Rom …in SDCard and in the Memory phone

    Where is the problem ………….

  • Davide

    Yeahhhhhh …… I resolve my problem Now my X10i Have Android 2.3.4 Cyan Mod

  • teodor

    my x10i freez in sony ericsson logon screen

    • masoud

      same happen to me

    • Gajiny009

      just upgrade kernal

      •  i have the same problem after i flashed cm7 v3 kernel on my x10i not even got access to x-recovery as it was corrupted and always freezes on SE logo  then i consult Sony care, don’t know how they did this and i got my life back.

    • simon

      me too

  • anti

    I followed this vid and after instaling xrecovery I reboot my phone and it stucks at sony ericsson logo and than reset…can anyone help? I was trying to fix audio stuttering problem. I have rooted phone. No customs instaled…

  • Nameez

    Man you are far better awesome nd supperb compared to SONYERICSSON engineers on IT

  • x10 noob

    hello… just installed my xrecovery on x10.. and i accidentally pressed the reboot phone.. and now my applications on my sd card were lost… how can i get it back? i backed it up in titanium back up but the application itself was gone…

    • If your SD card wasn’t formatted then Install titanium back up again and then click back-up/restore, If you backed-up using titanium app then can only be retrieved by titanium app only as it uses Encrypted zip format to back up apps and/or data.Sorry for bad English.

  • Ruhaise

    plz help i rooted my phone…………..but i can’t install xrecovery coz when iconnected it with usb debugging my phone is not detected by flashrool

  • Ruhaise

    plz help me i done root sucessfully

  • kyrk

    works like charm.when stuck on the “SONY ERICSSON” name, just remove the battery to turn it off, then flash now to upgrade firmware

  • kyrk

    this works guys…

  • bobby

    Wonderful dude…The whole sunday i struggeled to get onto cm-7…almost 13 hours with no success..thanks a ton for the sweet simple video uploader