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Root Sprint Nexus S 4G With A Single Click [Guide]

Finally there is some good news for Nexus S 4G owners as there is a Single Click Root for this phone now available. Chris378, along with Android developer ShabbyPenguin, has developed this PC based rooting utility for Nexus S and Sprint Nexus S 4G. This root hack comes as a great relief for all those Sprint Nexus SG owners reluctant to try one of those lengthy and complex ADB rooting methods.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.


So let’s cut the rant short and see how you can root your Nexus S 4G with a single click:

1. The first step is to download One Click Root For Nexus S/Nexus S 4G package file (https://www.holylivingfuck.com/Stuff/One-Click-Nexus-S-4G.zip) from here and save it on your PC desktop for easy access.

2. Once done, extract the zip file but do not change any of the contents in the folder.

3. Now connect your Google Nexus S 4G to the computer and enable USB Debugging. You can go to settings > applications > development  and enable USB Debugging. Do not mount SD Card when you connect the phone with PC.

4. Now open One Click Nexus S 4G Folder and install drivers for your device. PDANetA300x64 drivers are for 64 Bit Windows and PDANetA300 are for 32 Bit.

5. Once you are done with installing drivers, double click RUN.EXE.

6. Now follow onscreen instructions to root your Nexus S 4G.

And there you go! If everything goes as planned, you will have your Nexus S 4G rooted within no time. Once the process of rooting is complete, reboot your device and download Root Checker from Market to verify root. In case you need more information or want to discuss some aspects of this tool, then head to the XDA thread.


  1. Running 4.04 I followed directions and went I went to move drivers to drive that appeared when I debugged I got message “please insert disk to drive E: What an I doing wrong, is moving driver installing to device???

    • Ok I figured how to install, I got it to reboot on it’s own, but it will not allow me to get to the unlock section. I just unplugged and rebooted, I just don’t get this.

  2. Works great.  Used it to unlock my Nexus S 4G w/ Gingerbread.  Got a new Nexus S 4G w/ ICS, and it worked the same!  Thanks! 🙂

  3. On my Sprint Nexus S, I get the bootloader screen but “Unlock” isn’t an option; all i get are “Reboot Bootloader, Reboot, Recovery, Power Off”…. any ideas?


    • You’re supposed to type ‘ fastboot oem unlock ‘ on command prompt on your laptop. *facepalm*

  4. I got this far and then it never found my phone. Any help? 

    Please enable usb debugging again

    Settings – Applications – Development

    when you have enabled usb debugging again please
    Press any key to continue . . .
    error: device not found

  5. If any of you knew what the heck you were doing there would be no need to answer your complaints.  If you dont understand what SU stands for you shouldnt be rooting. Instructions good enough to get a knowledgeable person through the root method. 

  6. If any of you knew what the heck you were doing there would be no need to answer your complaints.  If you dont understand what SU stands for you shouldnt be rooting. Instructions good enough to get a knowledgeable person through the root method. 

  7. What do I do root check said that the phone is not rooted and if I run one click again it tells me remote Already Unlocked? Nate0101us@gmail.com

    • please do not use this version… its old and crappy ;P please search for version 5.0 😉

    • Hi shabbypenguin,

      I’ve searched for version 5.0 and am having trouble finding it.  I rooted my phone back in July using this method and then updated to 2.3.7.  I’m just now getting around to rooting again.  Should I used this version or another?  Please advise.  Thanks for your work.

  8. I got as far as installing the PDANet Connected message. Never saw a “Run.exe” command. Is there like a video showing step by step of how this works. Maybe I missed a step. Thanks.

  9. There is no sd card slot on this phone. The process wants to load from the sd card. Whats up with that????

  10. I got the ‘congratulations you are rooted’ message. But ran the root checker and said I don’t have superuser privileges. wth? I think the problem may have happen at the mount sd card steps. Any input? Oh yeah and it wiped all of my preferences, apps, contacts etc. No damage to phone though, thankfully. Nexus s 4g ver 2.3.7

  11. all i get when I run root checker is
    system environment path://sbin/vendor/bin/system/bin/system/xbin
    and a whole list of other files not found
    su binary not found or not operating properly etc…

    anyone got any ideas to this

  12. 5 day old Samsung Nexus S 4G, Android 2.3, running on Sprint, cant find after multiple installs/uninstalls, doesnt load, etc, etc, etc
    Your instructions on this page do not match the instructions on the mobile page; your instructions on this page do not match those on the readme.rtf file included in the 7zip download; there IS NO RUNE.EXE file in the 7zip package extracted files, only a RUN.BAT which sez it will wipe ALL CONTACTS, APPS, and ANY/ALL user-installed files if used; your instructions read as incoherently as if written by a poorly educated non-english speaker.
    And, you apparently do not find it necessary to answer any but one of the numerous questions and complaints on this, your, help/user forum.
    All in all, your claims of simpilcity and ease of use are confounded by your execrable lack of organization and coordination between your various postings and downloads.
    I want a refund.

    • oops you’re also a fucking idiot. i didnt post this, people see my work and spread the word. in hopes that dipshits like yourself might be able to figure things out.

      i put the disclaimer of it will wipe out your shit… because ::gasp:: unlocking the bootloader will wipe your shit. if i didnt include it then guess what id have all sorts of people crying about how it wiped shit.

      as i stated i didnt post this here so forgive me for not knowing how to find this random site and help out people :O

      a refund? can i get a paycheck? last time i looked into it this was a hobby for me… not a job

  13. I can not get mine to work it will not unlock please help I have tried everything and did the fastboot oem unlock. still will not unlock 🙁

  14. Trying to do this, I cannot get the USB to conncect with debugging, when trying to download the PDA 300 I keep getting this windows error…Please help…Thanks brand new to this..


  15. I can’t find the RUN.EXE
    I have run.bat but it says it will wipe all my application and stuff. Please help!

  16. nermind sucessful download and root. nice job. had to download an uncompressing program first though then everything was pretty easy to do.

  17. I can’t seem to get my phone to download it starts downloading but its unsuccessful. unfortunately I accepted the official download before knowing it would stop my tethering ability. I want to root my phone but it wont the file?

    • Yes, this still works for the grj90, you may want to look at their newer post afterwords to update your phone to the rooted grj90 phone.

      newer post link: https://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/install-rooted-android-2-3-5-grj90-firmware-on-nexus-s-4g/

  18. So will this enable me to flash custom roms or just give me root access, with extra steps to flash roms?

  19. Hi, did you try backing up the ROM by first rebooting in recovery and then attempting backup ? I guess it should work

    • WHOA WHOA WHOA please set the record straight, chris had offered up a bounty of 100 dollars for the one click, i was the one who made it. if you even look on the xda thread his post says it was me who made it, he just happened to make the thread. very considerate of him considering he never paid the bounty 🙁

  20. I used this method to root the device successfully. However, I am unable to back up the ROM via ROM manager. Any ideas as to what is going on and how to back up (so I can safely apply new Roms?). Thanks

    • this does what it says it does, it roots you. if you want clockworkmod, download rom manager and have it flash it for you

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