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Sara: A Cydia App To Replicate Siri On Older iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

There is a large contingent of iPhone users out there who are happy with the older models of iOS devices, and the only thing that makes them jealous of iPhone 4S is Siri. For all of them, there are many alternative solutions available, using which anyone can get some taste of iPhone 4S’s personal voice assistant. Some of them might be a bit too complicated for an average user, like Spire, but luckily, there is now Sara, which requires nothing more than a jailbroken iDevice, and is a complete Siri alternative for any model of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

iSoftJSC Sara Siri

You won’t find Sara in any of the default repositories in the Cydia store, and before you can enjoy this amazing app, you will have to add a new repo to the Sources in your Cydia client. To do that, go to the Manage section, and in Sources add the following URL:


When the mentioned source has been added, search the store for Sara. The installation will take some time, as there are quite a lot of packages which the tweak needs to install before it is ready to work.

Sara Voice Sara Text Sara Settings

After the installation is finished, you will see that Sara is visible on the Springboard of your device as a separate app icon. Tap it and you can begin enjoying the tweak’s Siri-like capability, as long as you have an active data or Wi-Fi connection. The best thing about Sara is that, in addition to accepting spoken commands, you can tap the keyboard icon to the right and enter your query as text. This is particularly useful if you are having trouble making Sara understand what exactly is it you are trying to say (a situation that is sure to arise often with non-native English speakers). Sara allows almost all the questions Siri is capable of answering. In the Settings menu of the app, you can set the name Sara calls you by, as well as your location, so that results are produced accordingly.

Sara is certainly not Siri, and there are a lot of differences among both apps (if you consider Siri an app). However, all the useful features of Apple’s talking personal assistant are present in Sara, and in some areas the Cydia app is even better than Siri (for example, the input method). It is a free Cydia app, and a must-have for all Siri fans stuck with older iPhones.


  1. i love this app i’ve tried to get other ports like h1siri and they never work plus if you combine this with activator you can make it pop up when you hold the home button

    • you use an app like “disable voice control” and then you can use activator to open sara while holding the home button.

    • I downloaded this app and can’t seem to get it to work. It opens up and at first it shows any reminders, emails I have and my calendar on the side. Then that clears and Sara says Hi. Whenever I ask her to do something she just answers back. For instance I’ll say Wake Me Up in 5 minutes and she’ll say “I can’t wake up.” Or I’ll say Send Babs a message and she’ll respond with something crazy like the Book of the Dead.

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