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Birthday Calendar: Get Alerts For Facebook Friends’ Birthdays & Schedule Wishes For Them [Android]

If you belong to a social circle where forgetting your friends’ birthdays is considered to be no less than an unforgivable crime, and yet, you repeatedly fail to keep track of all those dates, then you should try Birthday Calendar for Android . Birthday Calendar focuses solely on helping you with staying in touch with your Facebook friends’ birthdays. Once configured, the app lists all your Facebook friends’ birthdays that are falling anywhere within the next 30 days on the calendar. Apart from that, the app displays the exact age that a friend will turn on his/her birthday, and the number of days/hours left before you can start congratulating and celebrating with them. That’s not all; there is also an option to create a custom birthday greeting that the app automatically posts to your friends’ Facebook Timelines at midnight on their birthdays.

As with any other third party app/service that requires authorization to access your social accounts, Birthday Calendar also prompts you at the start to let it access your Facebook account. Once authorized, the app fetches the list of all the contacts whom you wish to add to the app’s birthday wish-list.


Once past that, the app displays the names of all those Facebook friends whose birthday falls within the next 30 days. Apart from viewing the name and profile picture of each friend, you can also see as to how old they will turn on their upcoming birthdays. To create a birthday wish, tap the Edit Message button displayed alongside a friend’s name, compose your message, and the app will automatically schedule it to be posted to your friend’s Wall on his/her birthday. Should you somehow happen to forget the occasion, the app will keep you apprised via push notifications.


Please note that Birthday Calendar is, by no means, the first app of its kind to hit the Play Store. Previously reviewed Birthday Scheduler for FB offered a somewhat similar sort of facility, but it was a little rough around the edges with respect to interface. Birthday Calendar, on the other hand, is a well-rounded product with a clean and uncluttered interface. It seems the developer is planning on releasing an iOS variant of the app, and adding the option to automatically sync birthdays from your phone’s contacts list; a feature that Windows Phone users enjoy by default.

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