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Securely Manage Passwords On Windows Phone 7 With Hidden Pass

Hidden Pass is a free Windows Phone 7 app that lets you securely manage and store your PINs and passwords on your Windows Phone 7 device in an encrypted password safe. This makes them accessible to you whenever you need them based on a secure key, while no one else can access them even if they do get access to your device.

Hidden Pass Unlock Hidden Pass Secured List

The program is pretty straightforward in what it does – it lets you store your sensitive PINs, passwords, credit card numbers etc. on your phone securely and conveniently in a highly secure, industrial standard encryption and makes them accessible to you after you enter your key. It also allows you to optionally set two keys to further secure your sensitive information which further increases the encryption level.

After you login with the keys, you get access to your password vault where you can add passwords to the list with a description that helps you later remember what the password is for. You can also delete passwords, modify them, and move them up and down the list according to priority.

Another useful feature of the app is that it records any unsuccessful login attempts so in case someone gets access to your phone in your absence and tries to access your passwords, you can find out about it.

There are a couple of drawbacks of the app as well. The first one is that once the keys have been created, they can’t be deleted without deleting all the information associated with them so there’s no way to change them and keep the information stored. The second drawback is that anyone who can access your phone is capable of deleting the keys and although that will not give them access to your sensitive information, it will be lost nevertheless. The developer recommends that you also apply a lock screen to your phone and store your sensitive information elsewhere like on your PC (in encrypted and password-secured format of course) or in a safe deposit box as well.

In our conclusion, this tool is not intended to be your primary password record safe, but rather a secure way to carry your passwords with yourself in case of need and can come quite handy. You can download it for free for your Windows Phone 7 via Zune or from the Marketplace using the link given below or by directly searching for ‘Hidden Pass’ from Marketplace in your phone.

Download Hidden Pass from Windows Phone Marketplace

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