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ShakeOff – Shake To Turn Off Your Android Device’s Screen

You might’ve given your Android device a nice handy shake to capture its screenshots via ShootMe. You might’ve also tried your hand at AppShaker – an Android app that launches apps when you shake your device. In fact, you might find plenty of apps on the Market that let you perform various functions by shaking your device. How about turning its screen off by doing the same? ShakeOff is a free Android app that lets you instantly turn off your device’s screen and puts it into sleep mode when you shake it. This means that you no longer have to reach for the power button time and again to lock your device.

For those unaware, ShakeOff works its magic by utilizing the accelerometer (motion sensor) of your Android device. By determining the pace and the sensitivity of the movements, it performs a specific action; which, in this case, happens to be the turning off your Android’s screen. Numerous other apps that work by utilizing some sort of built-in sensors of the Android device have already hit the Android Market; however, ShakeOff happens to be one of the very first solutions that can help you save precious battery life by putting the screen to sleep by just shaking the device. The mechanism of ShakeOff is simple. All you need to do is install the app, activate the ShakeOff service and shake your device to lock it.

Shake - Screen Off01 Shake - Screen Off02

On the configuration front, the app lets you adjust the sensitivity of the sensor according to your convenience so that your device doesn’t get locked frequently with the slightest of jerks. There is also an option to enable/ disable Shake Off upon reboot. ShakeOff notification icon can also be displayed/ hidden on choice.

User who are relatively newer to the Android world might face trouble uninstalling ShakeOff from their device. Actually, certain apps require administrative privileges to perform certain tasks. To uninstall such apps, you need to disable said privileges. If, for some reason, you wish to uninstall ShakeOff from your device, proceed as follows:

  • Tap on Menu > Settings > Location Security
  • Navigate to Select device administrator under Device administration menu
  • Uncheck ShakeOff and select Deactivate > OK.
  • You may now proceed with the routine uninstall procedure
As of now, that’s pretty much what’s there is to ShakeOff. However, the concept behind the app seems quite promising, and we won’t be surprised to see the developers community take the concept to further heights and come up with some more magical apps like ShakeOff.

Download ShakeOff for Android


  1. Ugh I know how to use but I need to know how to unninstall ! ! ! I hate this app very baddly ! ! ! ! !

  2. good one, whether this application can cause any damage to mobile accelerometer sensor when used continuously 

  3. yes you can, 
    1. Open “Settings” in Home
    2. Select “Location & security” -> select device administrators
    3. disable permission of shakeoff
    4. Uninstall shakeoff normally

    • thank u so much…actually shakeoff is eating off my batterry…its with lot of bugs…this app is nice but sucks with the battery performance

    • there isn’t a folder in “settings” called “location and security.” you have to go to security and then you follow the same steps.

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