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SiriPort: Get Siri On Older iPhone Without iPhone 4S Certificates [Cydia]

The quest for the perfect Siri port to older iOS devices continues, and after Spire, AssistantConnect, H1Siri and a host of other attempts, SiriPort has now become the latest addition to the list of methods which you can use to get Siri on iDevices other than iPhone 4S. Most Siri ports for older iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices require complicated setting up of proxy servers, or provision of a certificate from an actual iPhone 4S. With SiriPort, however, there are no such needs. You just need to download the package from Cydia and after a few simple steps you are good to go. So, are you a fan of the witty Siri? This is just the guide you have been looking for.

SiriPort Cydia repo SiriPort Cert SiriPort

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to get SiriPort working, but before you do anything, make sure that you uninstall any other non-functioning packages related to Siri, like Spire. Once you have cleansed your iDevice of such packages, you are good to go.


  1. Go to the Cydia store, and in the Manage tab, go to Sources.
  2. Add the following new source URL
  3. After the repository has finished loading the packages, search for a tweak titled SiriPort.
  4. Make sure that you are on a good Wi-Fi connection, and install the searched tweak. It is more than 250MB in size, so be prepared for a long wait while everything is downloaded and installed to your iPhone.
  5. Your device will reboot when the package has been installed successfully.
  6. Now from your web browser go to the following link, and download the file found there (titled 1.cert)
  7. Now email the file you have just downloaded to yourself, and open the attachment from the stock Mail app.
  8. You will be taken to an installation page, hit the Install button, followed by Done.
  9. Reboot your device.
  10. When your device comes back on, long-press the Home button to launch Siri, and then say “Hi Siri”.

After that, Siri will be activated and you can enjoy a lovely chat with the talking assistant. In case it fails to activate, reboot the device, and then try step 10 once again. You have to keep repeating until Siri responds to your Hi. SiriPort hasn’t worked for every user who has tried it, but still, it’s worth a shot. Do let us know in the comments section if using SiriPort finally gave you Siri on your older iDevice.

[via iPhone4Jailbreak.org]

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  • Jethrokoopmans

    go to the following “link” ? 

    • Anonymous

      I can’t find the download file at the link listed???

      • Anonymous

        The link is given in point 6 of instructions. Copy and paste it in your browser. If it doesn’t work for you the first time, keep trying as the source servers might be down due to too much load.

        • Guest

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  • Did all that. Siri is installed on my iPod, but it keeps failing to do my requests. “Sorry, something is wrong.”

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you have to keep saying “Hi Siri” and if you get the Sorry message, reboot it and try again. Make sure you have internet connectivity though.

    • Tan David

      Mine too

  • not working on my 3gs, safari keeps freezing and crashing after install

  • Thomas DeColita

    I think Sara is a great substitute for Siri, though she’s more direct and somewhat obnoxious, I think she’s worth to check out=) Installing Siri again now, let’s see if she’s working for me!

  • karl

    actually i think its fake , it doesnt work !

    • Oswald

      It does work. You need to delete your con.apple.asisstant.plist before you get the certificate. Then Respring, then load Siri and try talking to her. She will not work right away, instead talk to her every 15-30 seconds for an hour, If that doesn’t work reinstall siriport and Respring then try again. Worked for me

      • Feoulharish

        help me with this…..i downloaded siriport….and the certificate….but whenever i press the homebutton….i get the voicecontrol back…andi cant see any optin to switch on SIRI as u have when u download spire !! 🙁

        • Anonymous

          Retry the procedure, and don’t forget to reboot the device on all steps where directed to do so.

        • iTouch_Support

          Go into setting/general and you will find Siri option so go intoo. It and enable Siri and it should work

        • Shivamsemwal123

          settings general siri on

        • Kingjames23lj23


        • go to settings-general-SIRI-TURN ON

        • Sirismart

          Just reboot

    • Kingjames23lj23

      it really does work i jus got mine working today

  • Guest

    the cert download link is 
    siriport.ru/1.crt  not 

  • It actually works… But when u restore or re-install, it doesn’t work… It fails to activate… That is the problem in my iPod Touch 4g… I installed it… Enjoyed it for a month… Had to restore my device and jailbreaked it again… Installed Siriport… Waited for a day… Still Siri did not get activated…So when u install it, u shouldn’t restore your device…

  • 1234566

    I’m having trouble with the certification download link…every time I go to open it Safari opens a new window and then I’m sent back to my homescreen.  Is this just because there are so many users trying to access it, or is this a sign that I need to reinstall Siriport again?

    • Hoeun

       There are many site talking about this but almost all is useless, I couldn’t find the working one.

  • vsharp

    this worked for me.  heres what i did.
    1. updated firmware from 4.3.3. to 5.0.1 (nothing custom, just standard apple update)
    2. jailbroke and installed cydia via redsnow
    3. added source for siriport > reboot
    4. added certificate > reboot
    5. in settings, enabled siri
    6. held home button and said “hi siri”

    it didnt work the first dozen or so tries.  i rebooted after every attempt and tried again.  about the 12 try, it worked.  hope that helps.

    • Tan David

      Is reboot just hold the sleep mode and then hold it again

  • n3ilr

    Will not work in iPhone 3G


    AWESOME IT WORKS I DID 9 iPhone 4 With Noproble

    • Tan David

      What do u mean 9


        Nine iPhones

  • Thailandtim

    It is a bunch of crap! Yes I had it working in my iPhone 4 after 10 or so re-installs and endless hours of screwing around. It worked for 10 days now nothing plus is f%$#ed up a lot of my apps which now wont open (Facebook, Google translate etc.) so now I have to restore my iPhone and re-break it etc. Do you really think apple would let a FREE certificate slip through? NO. They just want you to try sire for a few days then run out and buy a new iPhone 4S or purchase siri. It only works in the USA anyways for maps, places, stores etc now anyways. So if you are in England and but it or a new iPhone 4S tuff luck !!!!!!

    • Ana Krista

      “purchase siri”  ????????????

  • Tan David

    When I got siriport it reply to everything I say sorry I can’t talk with u right now and I keep on trying


    Hi! Tan! Did you ported using siriport or spire?


    Hi! Tan! Did you ported using siriport or spire?

    • Tan David


    • Tan David



    It appears as if all you need to do to get Siri working again is delete the com.apple.assistant.plist file found in the var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ directory using iFile or a file-system editor program.


      Just! Reboot and keep trying I promise you she works persistent is the key work keep saying hi, and try again and hi! But don’t give up. I wil post a video on YouTube under the name WWWSOCIALNETMEDIA just to show you how I do it from scratch. DON’T GIVE UP. Sometimes she responds to within 15 minutes other up to 4hrs and other 1 day
      But also try my last post info! The bitch works

      • Silentak

        Keep trying as in keep saying “hi Siri” to get it to work or uninstall siriport and try the steps all over again. I’ve deleted the com file through I file and still get Siri telling me there’s something wrong she can’t help me right now.

        • Silentak

          Update. Its working for now. 😀

    • M Morris

      So I have siri running on my iphone 4 (not activated, however) and I cannot find that file in ifile at all. I can all my other apps in there, but the siri port. 

    • M Morris

      I can see**

  • Ijosito

    I followed all of these steps and it didn’t work. I then went in through Ifile and deleted the com.apple.assistant.plist. This is after you install the certificate, then I tried siri and it worked. No reboot or respring after the deletion of the file. Hope this helps some of you.

  • invisiablian

    it does work. it is such a pain of butt to get the working certificate for my first device. you do by turning it off and back on again and again. talking about persistence…. however, after get that working certificate, you can copy and paste it to all your device to skip step 10. it works on my iPod touch 4g and iPhone 4.


    I got it to work smoothly on my iPod Touch 4G 5.0.1 jb’d. Siri responds to everything I ask, I just had to reboot after installing the certificate!

  • Inuyasha47568

     installed on ipod touch 4g now says password is incorrect getting the “ipod is disabled” message now

  • Jim Michos

    It worked perfect on my iPod touch 4gen!!!!!!

  • Thomas

    @83d82a1cc7c2092af54cea25b6fe81a2:disqus  it really works here is howstep 1 install bla bla bla bla bla bla
    step 2 install ifile if no already
    step 3 go to [var/mobile/library/preference]  and delete com.apple.assistant.plist
    step 3 re-boot 
    step 4 enjoy siri 😀
    P.S 14siri can also do this  USE 5.1 VERISON!!!!

  • Viddywell

    Whenever I try the source cydia just says bad URL 🙁

    • Tony

      dellete spaces, should be okay.

    • kameron

      make sure you have the back slash put in following the url

  • Matmotor

    there’s a virus once u install Siriport u can’t uninstall coz if u uninstalled ur device will be into Safe Mode

    • Austin

      I just uninstalled it just fine and did not have any problems…

  • Hotmail Com

    I downloaded siriport but now my iPods totally frozen now i can’t do anything

  • Noemail

    works perfect!

  • Bradytown

    Whenever I try to install the certificate, it asks for a password. Can anybody help me with that? Thanks

    • Rohsa

      You have to enter your passcode

  • Ty

    Worked for me! Just stick with it, had to reboot a few times and it worked after around an hour or so.

  • steve jobs

    i installed it the certificate too it shows in cydia that its installed but theres no siri option in settings sso i cant enable it but im sure that it installed properly

  • lashonda9604

    Siri is installed on my iphone 4 and it works perfectly, but Safari, mail, camera is not working. What can I do to fix the problem?

    • Yeah

      Boot up iphone with redsnow

    • Adam Koegel

      Did it work?

  • Alex

    when i go to install the certificate it just says not found

  • Chris

    My Siri works fine. But it doesn’t have all the features. If I ask, where is the closest McDonald’s it won’t work. If I ask “where’s” the closest McDonald’s it works. “where is” and where’s” it’s weird. Also, If I say, “set alarm” it’s doesn’t work. Says it doesn’t understand. If I ask general questions, it doesn’t work. How do I fix this so it has all the results!

  • Dust

    It worked perfectly!

  • Joe

    The certificate page is down

  • Romeo_288

    I am on 5.1.1 3gs jailbroken and untethered with use of rocky raccoon. When I install siriport and reboot my safari and mail crash and I cannot install cert….I see someone commented that you should reboot with redsnow, but will it fix this and is it safe to boot tethered when I’m already untethered? Please respond in depth in your reply about the process

  • Ok so I got everthing and it’s still not working and I’ve been doing it for 3 days now help what am I doing wrong???

  • Aaaaa

    Mine will not respond to me how do I fix this?

  • help any one?

    cant access my mails on my phone now but it seems siri is on my phone.. though she doest answer me back.. any ideas?
    seems that i cannot use the internet and open the apps

    • Adam Koegel

      Did you ever figure it out?

  • iki

    when i put it it says voice control why

  • iki

    when i put it it says voice control why

  • Dick E. Normous

    mine worked perfect after rebooting only twice! i must be lucky hahah

  • Qwerty4149

    When I go to setting to turn on siri, when i switch to “on”, as soon as I leave the settings it goes back to off.

  • RAAA

    my iphone is stuk at the apple logo dont do it bro

  • John

    Alert! that’s a virus which will turn your ipad into a big shit. Trust me, I’ve tried

  • Deanohaz28

    Prob too late to comment but I installed siri on iphone 4 on 7.1.2 I try to install Cert but iphone keeps redirecting to a “safe site” any ideas

  • Akshat

    Not working it says “You have been redirected through this website from a suspicious source. We prevented it and you are going to be redirected to our safe web site.”