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SiriToggles: Use Siri To Launch Apps & Control Settings [Cydia Tweak]

The jailbreak for A5 devices came out just a couple of days ago, and a flurry of Cydia tweaks aimed at Siri has accompanied the release of the jailbreak for newer iPhone and iPad models. In the opinion of most people, Siri is the feature which sets iPhone 4S apart from older versions of the iPhone. SiriToggles is a Cydia tweak which endows Siri with even more functionality than it already has. Once you have installed this tweak, you will be able to ask Siri to launch apps, and it also brings the ability to view and control various system settings just by dictating your needs to Apple’s talking virtual assistant. SiriToggles is awesome enough to be termed the tweak that brings SBSettings to Siri!

Siri Commands Siri Toggles

After its installation, SiriToggles won’t show up in the Extensions tab, or as a standalone icon on the Springboard. You can just start telling Siri to perform the newly added tasks. Here are the things you can make Siri do after the installation of SiriToggles.

  • Toggle System Settings: The tweak allows users to toggle Wi-Fi, data, Bluetooth and Airplane mode. To do that, just say enable or disable, followed by the parameter’s name.
  • Adjust Brightness Level: “Set brightness to 60%” is the command which allows you to control the brightness level of the screen, where you can replace 60 with any percentage.
  • Check Battery Level: The command for checking the remaining battery life of your iDevice could be any variant of “How much battery do I have left?”
  • Launching Apps: You can use SiriToggles to launch any stock or third-party apps by saying “Launch app” followed by the app’s name.

SiriToggles is a free tweak, and available in the Big Boss repo. For now, some people might think that the functionality offered by the tweak is somewhat limited, but it is to be hoped that future updates will expand the usefulness of SiriToggles. The tweak is compatible with iPhone 4S, and also with devices on which Siri has been ported via Spire or any any other similar method.

 Update: The enhancements promised to be brought to Siri in iOS 6 by Apple include the option to launch apps by requesting Siri. So, that feature of SiriToggles might become obsolete pretty soon, but the overall usefulness of the tweak is not too diminished, and people will still find it useful because of its main functionality, that is, controlling system settings.


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