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SongFreaks Syncs Lyrics Stream With Songs On Your iPhone

Music players might not belong to the most populated genre of iOS apps, but there are still plenty of good music-related apps available in the App Store. We have covered a few of them, like Skins and Music Player All-in-1, and most music players for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch have some distinguishing features. Some are unique in their looks, while other focus more on functionality. SongFreaks falls under the second category, and narrows down to just one main feature; lyrics. This app just might be the best music players for iPhone users who are interested in lyrics, and like to everything about the songs they are listening to. SongFreaks comes with a feature named Lyrics Stream which will highlight the part of the lyrics which are currently being sung. There are other features in the app as well, and you can learn all about them by heading past the break.

SongFreaks Lyrics SongFreaks Stream Edit

SongFreaks is very user-friendly, and starts off with a detailed graphical tutorial regarding the app’s features and usage. To begin playing songs from your iPhone’s library hit the play button and tap the desired song from the list which opens. The app will search for the lyrics of the song, and a green highlighter will keep showing you the current part of the song. If you feel that the stream is a bit off in its timing, then you can use the Lyrics Delay button to specify the exact lag or lead in the lyrics. An alternative method of applying a correction to the lyrics stream is via the Edit Lyrics Stream button which appears on the top of the lyrics. In Edit mode you can mark the time in the lyrics manually, so that the stream will be completely accurate.

SongFreaks Top Lyrics SongFreaks Info

SongFreaks has a few extra features as well, like menu to show the Top Lyrics and artists currently. Even if you don’t have a particular song in your library, you can still view its lyrics by using the app’s search option. Each page dedicated to an artist includes news related to them, along with the option to view the bio and album details of any track. SongFreaks is a free app, and its simplicity is its major positive. You can use the app without missing any of the features the stock Music app has to offer, and still enjoy the amazing Lyrics Stream in SongFreaks. The app can be downloaded from the link below.

Download SongFreaks

Update: The app has now also got an Android version (although with a few region-restrictions). You can download it from the following Play Store link.

Download SongFreaks (for Android)

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