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SPRiiD: Share Files From One Android Device To Another Over WiFi/ 3G

Android users who are looking for an effective solution for remote sharing of files from one device to the other over an internet (WiFi/3G) connection do not need to look any further as SPRiiD is here to ease their concerns. The app (in beta as of now) effectively lets you share almost any file stored in your SD card with other SPRiiD users anywhere in the world. Regardless of the file size/format, you can easily send multiple files to multiple users at a time via SPRiiD with utmost ease. The app even has a built-in image editor for pictures that you wish to share. But what’s best about SPRiiD is that it lets you schedule a time/date for content sharing.


Unlike other file sharing apps for Android, SPRiiD doesn’t rely on any cloud services to store content neither does it forward any download links to the recipients. Instead, it provides direct device-to-device (P2P) sharing (just like Bluetooth but done over the internet). You do need to register with the app to start using it, though.

The app, when installed, adds two icons to your app drawer. While the SPRiiD icon servers as a shortcut to the app’s main interface, the SPRiiD Gallery icon displays all files received from other users. Before discussing the sharing procedure of SPRiiD, let’s take a look at it’s main interface.


On the app’s main interface, you have multiple tabs namely History, Edit, Options and Add arranged along the bottom of the screen. While the History tab contains all your Sent and Received files, the Add tab lets you add/invite new friends on SPRiiD by sending them a short invitational message. As of now, the Edit and Options tabs are not functional. Also, on the app’s homescreen, you have all your friends listed with their usernames.

To share content with your friends, all you need to do is navigate to the desired file using a file explorer, or if you wish to share a photo or video, you can simply launch the Gallery application, choose a file and open its share menu. In the file sharing menu, you’ll notice a couple of additional options, SPRiiD and SPRiiD quick.


For each file that you wish to send via SPRiiD quick, you can specify its file size (small, medium or original), the notification type (default, ring or silent), the sending time/date and of course, the recipients. You can also enable the the option to automatically delete a file  after it has been shared successfully.

The SPRiiD option in the file sharing menu is meant for photos. Selecting this option takes you to the app’s image editor.

The blue arrow at the right of the editor’s interface carries a plus (+) button, a Text button as well as a Delete button while The text field at the bottom can be used to add custom text message to a photo. You can easily reposition added text by dragging it while long pressing on the text lets you modify the color of its font. The plus (+) button lets you pick from various pre-installed icons that you can place on your images. You even have the option to add your own images to the icons list. For this, all you need to do is create a folder on your SD card named ‘myspriid’ and store your desired images in it.


The two arrows on the left of this screen contain the same options as those provided in SPRiiD quick. After you’re done with all the editing, simply select Menu > Send to share files with selected friends. Sharing progress can be tracked via status bar notifications.

To view shared content from others, simply tap the SPRiid Gallery from its icon (or tap on a username from the app’s main interface),drag the arrow from the right of your screen and pick a user of your liking. The app uses the /sdcard/Spriid folder to store all the received content.

The file sharing mechanism of the app was tested across a couple of devices (HTC Desire Z & HTC Desire HD). When put to test with a couple of image, audio, video and APK files (all separately, though), SPRiiD managed to share them with utmost ease and at a fairly swift pace.


Apart from force-closing a few times, the app worked perfectly fine and did its job quite effectively. Bugs are normal for a beta release and hopefully, will be dealt with before the final build comes out. Apart from that, we would also like to see an interface overhaul. The current interface definitely does not do justice to the potential of the app.

Download SPRiiD (Beta) for Android


  1. Me and Bella like to thanks you for this (first) wonderful review.
    We where unprepared for this response so it’s quite joyful.

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