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Stay Within The Budget & Manage Your Accounts With MoneyMgr For iPhone

No matter how much (or less) you earn, it is always important to keep track of your cash flow, and devise a way of spending your cash in the most optimal manner. If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, there are many apps which can help you in managing your financial life without ever having the need of an accountant, but MoneyMgr just might be the easiest to use app of them all. This iOS app is focused on letting users make a budget for their monthly expenses, and in addition to that, it can also be used to manage multiple accounts and generating fiscal reports regarding the money you have.

MoneyMgr iPhone MoneyMgr Income MoneyMgr Budget

A good thing about MoneyMgr is that you don’t need to sign up for a new account before you are able to use the service. Just launch the app and you are good to go. It is better if you define your daily income and expenses first of all, and this can be done by tapping the Income and Expense buttons. In both cases, you have to define the source of the income, or the area on which you are spending the money, so that you can better keep track of your finances. There are predefined account types in the Income sections, just like there is a list of things you can spend your money on in the Expense menu. You can also specify the date on which you earned that money, along with any additional information in the Notes area. In a similar fashion, you can define your monthly budget by tapping the Monthly budget button. The app has predefined expense categories, against which you can specify the expenditure amounts pertaining to each.

MoneyMgr Report MoneyMgr Query

The best thing about MoneyMgr is its ability to generate financial reports, and that is done automatically as soon as you enter the Report menu. You can view pie charts for your income, expenses and budget. The Journal section is where MoneyMgr keeps a record of all the financial happenings ever processed through it, and you can browse through this history by querying the stored data.

MoneyMgr is available for free for a limited time, and if you want an app which will let you manage all the financial aspects of your life, do give it a try. You can grab the app by going to the download link provided below.

Download MoneyMgr

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  1. Thanks for the post.  I have used several different budgeting apps but I am still looking for the one that is “perfect” for me.  There are always likes and dislikes when it comes to apps.  Ill give this one a try.


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