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Storify: Use Internet Photos, Videos & Text To Write Stories [iPad]

Writing isn’t easy, specially if you have to start something from the scratch. A writer’s block occurs so frequently that there are many iPhone apps designed to let users overcome this bane of people who have to be creative on regular basis. When you surf the iOS App Store, you will come across apps like Opuss and Storytree, which are pretty good options for letting people write with ease, and overcoming any kind of mental block. Storify is a new app in this genre (although the web service has been around for quite a while), and using this iPad app, you can start creating masterpieces using (via drag and drop) images, videos and updates from various sources like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Google.

Storify iPad

The app isn’t too cluttered, and that is meant to make Storify a distraction-free writing environment. To get started, you have to create an account for the service (if you haven’t got one for the web version). To do so, you will just need to provide your email ID, a new screen name and password. After the sign up procedure is complete, you will receive a mail from Storify, and then you can start writing in the app’s text editor. There is a tutorial page at the start, and you can read it to get familiar with the text editor’s features. To create a new page you have to tap the New Story button, which is in the top right corner of the main screen.

Storify SidebarStorify lists a lot of sources for inspiration to get started. In the sidebar, you will see Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr and browser options, and you can use any of those to find material for your story. The browser within the app has Google as its homepage, and you can use it to search for anything without having to move away from your draft. The same holds true for all the other listed sources. Linking your Storify account with your Facebook one will let you attach your social media photos and videos to whatever you are writing. The material you find on the services can be dragged and dropped to your story, making the whole process efficient and quick.

With the convenience and usefulness Storify has to offer, it has the potential of becoming your favorite place to write, and the fact that the app is completely free, doesn’t hurt either.

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