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SwiftKey X Beta For Android Brings Cloud Personalization & Better UI

Successor to TouchType’s award winning onscreen keyboard replacement for Android phones, SwiftKey X has finally hit the Android Market. The app is available as a free beta as of this writing, but will only remain so for a limited amount of time. We don’t usually review paid apps, but this time, we had to make an exception. And for an input method that evolves based on your writing style, who wouldn’t? SwiftKey X comes packed with loads of new features and improvements over its predecessor. Prominent changes include a new, more user-friendly installation process, cloud-based personalization, a new prediction engine and improvements in the user interface. Join us after the break for more.


SwiftKey X’s new user-friendly step-by-step installation process makes the initial setup and customization a breeze and the dark theme is just delightfully easy on the eyes.

Dark themeSocial-media-personalization

The keyboard’s personalization feature (Language profile > Personalization) allows it to “learn” your writing style from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and sent SMS. And that’s not all. Most of the keyboard’s improvements are under the hood.

We’re not sure whether it was the new prediction engine working its charm or the cloud personalization at work, but during our brief test-run, we instantly found ourselves at home with the keyboard. Not only was it extremely comfortable to type with but noticeably fast. With the Typing Style set to Rapid, I don’t remember a single instance where I had to return to a word to correct it. Like a charm.

To view the complete list of changes or to download the beta to your phone, head on over to the app’s Android Market page via the provided link.

Download SwiftKey X Beta For Android

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