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SwitcherLand Adds Landscape App Switcher Tray To iPhone [Cydia]

Landscape mode on iPad looks just about perfect for most apps, and even on iPod touch and iPhone’s smaller screen, people like having the option of viewing pages in landscape mode rather than just portrait. Most iOS apps (both stock and third party) support landscape viewing, but the same does not hold true for system settings. Consider the App Switcher tray as an example. Even in apps having a landscape mode, the tray is always at the bottom of your screen. Won’t it be cool if there was some way of making the App Switcher act in accordance with the current orientation of your iDevice? That’s exactly what SwitcherLand does. The newly released Cydia tweak lets its users view the App Switcher tray horizontally when you are within an app which is in landscape mode.

SwitchLand iOS

After you have installed SwitcherLand, open any app which supports landscape mode (Safari, the stock Notes app or any other landscape supported third party app), and then hold your iDevice horizontally. Now double tap the home button to bring up the App Switcher tray and enjoy the difference. Instead of appearing to the side, the tray will now appear beneath the page, compatible with the landscape mode.

The tweak might be nothing more than a cosmetic enhancer for your iPhone, but it is available for free, and is one of those Cydia tweaks about which you can forget once you have installed them. SwitcherLand is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, so do give it a try to get a taste of something new on your iDevice.

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