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T-Mobile WiFi Calling App Hacked To Work On Google Nexus One

T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling app has finally been hacked to work on Google Nexus One. If you are a Nexus One owner on T-Mobile, then you can install this hacked app and make Wi-Fi calls without any pertinent issues. However the installation instructions of this hack are still a bit of a task for novices, as it requires you to flash kernels and libraries before planting the APK file.

Here are the installation instructions coming direct from the author of this hack:

WiFi Calling is here! Needs more testing to get a few possible bugs out but for the most part,  calls are working and problems have been resolved. I’m aware there’s a laundry list of errors that roll through logcat, while not normal, it’s not impacting WiFi Calling’s ability. Also, the kineto module is not loading from the kernels, because it can’t be compiled for our kernel’s(yet) which is probably why the errors in logcat are so numerous.t-mobile-android

Thanks to Rsotbiemrptson for getting the Libraries and everything into an update.zip.
Thanks to intersectRaven for the kernel mod’s regarding kineto and applying the WiFi PM FAST patch.
Thanks to Myshkinbob for the research and creating PM FAST patch.

To Install
Download and flash WiFi Calling libs.zip.
Download and flash the appropriate intersect kernel for your ROM below.
Download and install the MS-HTCVISION-KNT20-02.apk.
Enjoy WiFi Calling!

The only known issue with this hacked application is that calls are unable to connect with Bluetooth earpiece. Please note that although the application has been reported as stable, but as it is still in testing process by the hackers, so it is advised to wait for a more stable version. Please note that this app hasn’t been tested on any other Android phone.

You can download the APK file along with Wi-fi Calling Libraries from the official XDA thread.


  1. Its pointless to install, it has bugs. What should have happened, tmobile should provide it as an apk to install on all phones connected to there network that they authorize use on. Simply put, tmobile should have made the app for end users to download and install at their discretion.

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