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Task Management App Nozbe Updated With New UI, Provision For Free Local Usage [Android]

Task and project management Android apps are abound in the Google Play Store. As with every other app category, the candidates belonging to this particular genre also keep constantly vying for the top spot. Then there is the ever-increasing threat of competition, meaning that the existing players simply cannot rest on their laurels. The only way to move is upwards, and for that, new features must be frequently added to the mix. The official Android client of the well-known web-based task-management service, Nozbe, has been updated to v2.0 with a complete UI overhaul and a bunch of improvements, such as better syncing and integration with content stored on Evernote, Dropbox and Box, easier access to your personal notes, to-do lists, inbox, projects, errands, reminders and lots more. In addition, the app has received quite a few much needed bug fixes and is now much more stable than previous versions.

The latest update makes Nozbe as one of the most complete GTD-based task management apps for Android, and the integration of some of the hot running cloud services can only be cited as the icing on the cake. The best thing in the entire update is that users no longer require to log in to the app to access and manage their locally stored notes, to-do lists and tasks. When launched, the app prompts users to either sign in with a Nozbe account to access their cloud content, or tap the plus (+) button at the bottom to start adding and saving their notes/tasks locally, meaning that you can easily manage your Nozbe tasks even when disconnected from the internet.


As far as improvements in the UI are concerned, the updated Nozbe client for Android provides better and easier browsing of your Inbox, Next (upcoming) tasks and Projects. From within the Inbox tab, not only can users check their upcoming, completed and most important tasks, but also filter them by the different types of content that it supports (Tasks, Notes, Evernote, Files).


As mentioned earlier, the updated version of the app now supports better and faster syncing with all your notes, tasks and documents stored on any supported cloud service that you’ve affiliated with the client. From any where within the app’s interface, just hit Menu > Sync to update all the content manually.

Despite receiving such a massive update, Nozbe still remains free in the Android Market whereas its iOS counterpart is priced at $4.99.

Download Nozbe for Android

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