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The Times For Android – The Latest News In A Newspaper-Like Layout

Available for free on the Android Market for a limited time, The Times for Android is the official mobile client for The Times and Sunday Times news networks. The app automatically fetches the latest stories from both networks, arranging them into seven different categories and a newspaper-like layout for easier browsing and allows you to save articles to your SD card so that you may view them later, without having to connect to the internet.

As more and more of us switch to smartphones and tablets, many of us have ditched several old media such as magazines and newspapers almost entirely. The print media industry is struggling hard, as users embrace their digital devices for consuming all media content. Due to this, the print media industry is finally evolving. Although it may seem quite late for the industry to start embracing new technology now, it’s still better late than never. With this on mind, The Times has finally released its Android client, offering the famous daily in a mobile-optimized newspaper-like layout. The app is quite easy on the eyes, retains the authentic newspaper feel, and is very well-organized when it comes to news subjects/categories.


Articles remain saved for as long as one week. You can reduce that time from Menu > Options > Save articles. Tap the arrow icon in the title bar of the front page to switch between categories or view saved articles. While within an article, swipe left or right across the screen to switch to the previous or next story respectively. Some stories come with a roll of two or more photos. You can browse through all images in an articles photo roll simply by tapping the cover photo displayed at the head of the article.

You can set the default font size within articles from Menu > Options > Article Font Size. Alternatively, you may increase or decrease font size while reading an article from within the app Menu.

Grab the app from the Android Market while its still free, as The Times might make it paid soon with a subscription plan.

Update: It has been a while since the app was initially released and it still appears to be free on Google Play Store. However, as we predicted, a subscription plan has been introduced in the meantime and if you aren’t an existing subscriber to The Times, you will need to purchase a subscription to use it now.

Download The Times For Android

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