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TinyChat Allows Video Chat With Up To 12 Facebook Friends At Once

Facebook has been around in the news quite a lot for the past few days. Most recently Facebook released its own standalone messenger app that caused quite a stir and is already the top free app on the App Store. Besides that, there is the video chat saga. Looks like Facebook has been trying to integrate video chat to its service. But so far there is no news on that front. You don’t really have to wait for it though. iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users can now use TinyChat to enjoy video conferencing with their Facebook friends, and that’s not all by any means.


TinyChat is a free app and is available for iPhone users as well as an HD version for iPad. Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to this app. No unnecessary frills attached. You just have to link up with your Facebook account and you’re good to go. The feature which makes this app most amazing is the ability to video chat with multiple users simultaneously. You can create a chat room and add up to 12 of your online friends to the room.

The video quality isn’t too great but that is to be expected given the amount of video conversations that are allowed. You can write text as you go along by entering it in the Chat section. The app requires that the friends you want to connect with also have TinyChat installed on their iDevice. If you are the one who has started a particular chat session, then you have the right to add or remove friends from a chat room.

Even if the app allowed nothing more than simple video chat with your friends it would have been pretty awesome, but the group chat makes it just about perfect. Other than that, the interface and video quality are some of the areas that can use a few improvements, but only if it doesn’t affect the current streaming rate (which happens to be pretty good). All in all, a pretty neat app, and we sincerely hope that Facebook can come up with something even better when they launch their official video chat utility.

Download TinyChat for iOS

Update: The app has become much more stable thanks to its latest update. In addition to that there is now also a new option to connect your Twitter account with TinyChat pretty easily.


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