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Message Transformer: Convert Text To Mirrored, Pig Latin Or Hackerized Form [iOS]

If you use an iPhone, or any other iOS device for that matter, you are probably familiar with text editing apps other than the stock Notes one. People use their iDevices for a lot of purposes, not the least of which is communicating with others via written text. Moreover, users like to employ their iPhones for keeping records of lots of things, as paper has gone out of fashion. All this makes text editing an important task in iOS. You can find many good text editors in the App Store, but the new Cydia app named Message Transformer is rather different from those. Message Transformer won’t let you create colorful words, or change the font and text styles; it is focused on a more practical area of text editing. All the text effects created by using this app can be pasted in SMS, or just about any other area of iOS supporting text. This app, exclusive to jailbroken devices, will let you create capitalized and mirrored text, text which has been transformed to Pig Latin or even Hackerized.

Message Transformer Cydia App Message Transformer Pig Latin

The biggest advantage of the app is the compatibility of its output with the stock Messages and Notes app. Maybe that is why Message Transformer does not come with too many options. Using the app is easy. Paste or write anything in the text box, and then press any of the buttons provided to the right. You don’t even have to select the text if you want to transform everything written in the box (although it is possible to alter selective text). Here is a list of editing options offered by Message Transformer.

  • All Caps: Capitalizes the whole selected text.
  • No Caps: Converts text into lowercase.
  • Hackerize: This is the (rather annoying) text format you usually see teenagers using, which makes use of symbols on the keyboard to form ordinary alphabets.
  • Pig Latin: If you don’t know anything about Pig Latin, you probably don’t want to know. It is a text format formed by exchanging a few letters in each word in a particular manner.
  • Backward: Mirrors the text.

These are all the formats supported by Message Transformer, but in addition to those, the app has three more options which are purely for editing purposes. Although the usual press-and-hold action menu works in the text box, there are buttons for Copy and Clear in the app’s menu. A similar options exists for Undo.

Message Transformer is a free app available in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store, and is ad-supported. If you are a fan of any of the formats described above, the app will prove to be to your liking.

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