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TurboCollage: Collage Creator With One-Tap Photo Rearrangement [Android]

TurboCollage is a free Android app that lets you create and share photo collages, focusing on making the process as simple and fast as possible. Laced with plenty of easy-to-use, customizable features, TurboCollage ensures that you can create and design perfect collages on your device with sheer convenience. It presents you with a customizable background/canvas on which you can place your photos in whatever size, order, orientation and position you want.

You can add customizable texts to individual snaps as well as the entire collage. There’s also an option to apply a border to all the images within the collage with a single tap. Apart from saving your collages to the app’s Photo Library, you can also share it with mail contacts and Facebook friends.

TurboCollage might not be the only photo collage creator available in the Android Market, but it certainly is among the most user-friendly and efficient ones.


The app opens to a plain blank canvas that you can embellish with your favorite snaps, and turn it into a wonderful photo collage in a matter of minutes. To begin, just hit the camera icon at the top-left of the app’s homescreen. You can either snap a fresh photo, or import one from your device’s gallery. Each added image can be rescaled, rotated, repositioned and deleted.


The icon at the bottom-left of the editing screen is a one-tap shortcut to rearranging images on the canvas. Tapping it randomly positions all images and applies a common border to them. The up and down arrow buttons help you set the exact order of an image (that is, from foreground to background). Hitting the Menu button lets you create a New Collage, open an existing one, add custom Text, Switch Orientation of the background/collage, select collage size and Background Color. You can pick from various predefined sizes for your collage (A4, Square etc).


Once done with all the editing, hit the share button at the top-right of the app to save it to the Photo Library, email it, or share it on Facebook. From within the Photo Library, you can also Duplicate an existing collage to use it as a template for other projects.

Here’s the best part. Unlike its iOS counterpart, which is currently priced at $1 in the iTunes App Store, the TurboCollage for Android is absolutely free in the Android Market, an can be downloaded via the link at the bottom.

Download TurboCollage for Android


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