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UpNext HD Maps: Get 3D View Of Maps & Discover Places/Deals On iPad

If you are an iOS user, you would probably agree that the stock Maps app is pretty decent, for what it’s supposed to do, at least. Not only are Maps helpful in navigation, they are also a good way of finding useful places anywhere, on the go. Despite being such a widely used feature, there aren’t a lot of apps available for iPhone which allow users to make use of maps in a different manner. This is why UpNext HD Maps is a welcome addition to the App Store, as it brings a 3D view of various US cities to the iPad. Not only does the app provide you with a three-dimensional view of those locations, it also has separate, location-based menus for discovering places of interest near you. Details past the break.

UpNext HD Maps

UpNext HD Maps really is a game-changer and it takes the whole concept of iOS maps to a new level. The view on offer by the app is really a sight to behold, and you can glide through streets and roads in full 3D, with rich details. However, there is a catch; the app only comes with the view of 50 US cities, and out of those 50, 23 have high level of detail, so far. The app can locate you all by itself, or there is the option to choose a city at the start-up of UpNext HD Maps. The map view comes equipped with a compass, and that makes it really easy to navigate through any area.

UpNext HD Maps MenuJust for the amazing view, the app would have been worth the download, but there is even more to UpNext HD Maps than just viewing sites. You can use the app to find out places based on their categories. There are tabs for Dining, Recreation, Shopping and Nightlife. Once you tap any of the tabs, a menu comes up, listing the subcategories of the main tab. The listed places also show if there are any good Deals available there. Apart from viewing deals on places, there is a separate menu for Deals, where you can get the discount details, directions and distance from your current location. If you are looking for a particular place, UpNext HD Maps comes with the option to Search through all the listed maps in it.

This awesome app, despite having so many amazing features, is free, and iPad users must give it a try if they are looking to view the maps in a completely new way.

Download UpNext HD Maps

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