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User Accounts For iPhone & iPod Touch With iAccounts

Have you even been in a situation where you had to hand over your iPhone or iPod Touch to a friend or relative, and hoping that you had some privacy control solution available. Or maybe you have wanted to test some new application that could potentially ruin some of your settings, and hesitated only because you wanted to keep your preferences intact? iAccounts, a new app in Cydia, answers this call.

Please note that iAccounts is not to be confused with the AppStore application iAccounts, which is a password manager. What this neat little jailbreak-device-only application does is to add user accounts to your iPhone or iPod Touch, and allows a healthy set of other configuration options. Check out below screenshots from the developer.

iAccounts iaccounts2 iaccounts4 iaccounts5 iaccounts6 iaccounts31

The different user accounts are created within the application’s preferences, and can be switched conveniently from the homes screen. Configuration options consist of passwords, restricting access to certain apps and services for certain users, and locking certain UI elements for various users, for example, a limited user may be restrained from rearranging the springboard icons. Possibilities and protection with this application are enormous.

iAccounts costs $1.99 in the Cydia store, and is available through the BigBoss repository. Although not free, this application is worth every cent.

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    I installed this app and didnt set anything, mine keeps telling me i have to login in but i have nothing to log into… no password or user account was set doesnt anyone know anything on how to fix this as my iphone is practically useless…


  • shahzaib

    The cost is affordable but i wished if it had been a freeware.