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Verde For iPad Suggests Cuts In Electrical Usage To Save You Money

It might sound a bit too fantastical, but an app really can help make the world a better place. Environmentalists make extensive use of social media, and there are apps in the iOS App Store that go a step further, and aim to affect the environment in a more direct manner. The Earth’s atmosphere has never been as affected by its own residents as it is now. Human beings need to change, and fast. Every little effort we make counts for much. Why, merely turning off a single light bulb could very well save a tree’s life. Verde is an iPad app that helps its users appreciate the impact they are having on their environment by tracking their usage of energy resources of the planet. Not only that, the app presents you with tips that can be used to make your lifestyle more environment-friendly. In short, Verde aims to help you save both the world, and your own money in the simplest ways possible.

Verde Zone Verde Electricity Rate

To get started, you will have to choose the Climate Zone you are currently living in. If you don’t know anything about zones, a color-coded map of the US is provided for you. Alternatively, you can let Verde access your current location, and thus track the zone you are living in. The same arrangement works for the Electricity rate in your area. The app will suggest it for you if you don’t know it already. When you have configured Verde in this manner, hit the Continue button and you are good to go.

Verde Appliances Verde Costs

The main page of the app lists different categories of appliances that are commonly used in households or offices. The categories are well-defined and you can populate your appliances list by steadily working your way downward. If an appliance is not listed, you can add it as a custom device. The categories menu has options to set the time period for which each appliance is used daily, and its energy consumption will be automatically calculated by the app. The total cost of appliances is displayed at the end of each category.

Verde Tips Verde Final Report

When you have listed all the electrical appliances in your use, Verde will generate a final report that lists all the data regarding your energy consumption and its cost. The report also has a part which lists the top 5 things you can do to reduce the amount of energy you are using, as well as the money you are spending on it. To motivate users, Verde proposes energy-saving in terms of the number of trees you will save by changing your appliances.

So, if you are worried about your planet, want to help it and save some money in the process, grab the app from the link provided below.

Verde’s original price is $4.99, but until Earth Day, the 22nd of this April, you can get it for free.

Download Verde

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