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ViBe: Set Custom Vibration Patterns For Specific Contacts On Android

The recently-released iOS 5 brought with it a very handy feature of assigning custom vibration patters to specific contacts. Not only does this feature help users easily identify incoming calls from any contact, it also lends a helping hand to visually/audibly impaired users in figuring out as to who’s calling them. Android users need not be envious of this feature anymore, as ViBe is here! Based on the aforementioned concept, ViBe lets you assign custom vibrations to your contacts, so you can easily know your caller without even having to look at your phone. The app comes with as many as 10 different free/paid custom vibration patterns that work equally effectively in silent, as well as in ringer mode.


Although the number of custom vibrations offered by the app might be restricted (as of now), there is absolutely no restriction whatsoever on the number of contacts that can be fed to the app. Using ViBe, you can assign custom vibrations to a single contact or to multiple contacts. The best part about ViBe is that the app service can be enabled/disabled upon will and with utmost ease.


As ViBe’s brief little Instructions screen would tell you, setting up custom vibrations for your contacts is as simple as one-two-three; literally! Here’s what the screen says:

  1. Pick a Contact
  2. Set a ViBe
  3. It’s that easy

Let’s find out exactly how simple the process is. Fire up ViBe on your device. Then, from the contacts list, tap on a contact of your liking to launch the app’s custom vibration screen. Under the Standards menu, tap on a vibration name/type to preview it and/or long press to select it as the default vibration for the chosen contact. That’s it! You would notice a vibration icon besides each contact on list to whom custom vibration has been assigned.


The facility of availing from 10 different custom vibrations could be best achieved by assigning specific vibrations to different contacts that fall in the same contact group. Not only would this account for easy identification of calls coming from a contact belonging to a particular group, but would also mean extended provision for assigning the rather restricted number of (free) vibration patterns to as many contacts as possible.

To assign custom vibration to multiple contacts, just long press on any contact from the list. This enables batch selection mode. From hereon, just tap on any subsequent contact to get him/her selected. Once you’ve picked all contacts of your choice, tap the OK button at the bottom. Assign a custom vibration to all the selected contacts following the same pattern as mentioned above. To enable/disable ViBe on your device, just tap Menu > Settings and pick the preferred option.

Download ViBe for Android


    • I totally agree, and Android can learn a thing or two from iOS. Nevertheless, Vibe has been uber-useful, even in our own usage.

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