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Viber For Android – Free Calls & Text Messages Over WiFi & 3G

Viber is a well-known VoIP client with well over 20 million registered users worldwide. Viber offers its users free calling and messaging features without requiring you to set up additional accounts or login to some external application – a feat unmatched by most clients as of this writing. With Viber, you can call and text all phone contacts that have Viber app running on their devices. Communication is done over Wi-Fi or 3G and Viber doesn’t charge you a dime for its services. The voice and service quality provided by Viber is near perfect. After gaining ample popularity in the iTunes store over the past 12 months, Viber has just shed its beta tag and hit the Android Market with some force. Perhaps, Android variant of the app has taken a bigger stride forward with couple of handy options such as using Viber as a default dialer, in-app call logs and pop-up text notifications. Remember, only registered users can enjoy Viber services.

Making calls over WiFi or 3G connection not only reduces your phone bill but also provides you higher quality of sound than that over a normal phone call. The best part about Viber is it’s integration with the default phone dialer. As soon as you opt to call a contact, the app presents the option to make a Viber Call or a normal phone call. In case your contact has a Viber account, you can choose the Viber Call option and talk for as long as you like. The app allows easy switch to GSM call if, for some reason, you are experiencing issues with your internet connection during Viber call. If the call quality of Viber impresses you then the prompt response while sharing text messages with your friends would surely sweep you off your feet. Messages through Viber are saved in threads and all the texting is done in an easy-on-the-eyes bubble style interface.

Social media integration allows users to invite their Facebook and Twitter buddies to free calls. To activate Viber account on your device, feed in the Viber code provided by the client via SMS or get your code by making a free call to the service. Viber also has a widget that notifies you of the number of missed Viber calls and unread text messages. The only way to stop Viber service on your device is to deactivate your account as the app does not have a quit/exit option. To deactivate Viber service, proceed as follows:

  • While within the app, tap More button
  • Press Deactivate account and select Continue

So, spread the word among your friends that Viber is now available for Android and start communicating with them absolutely free of cost.

Download Viber For Android

[via Lifehacker]


Update: Viber for Android has been update to v2.2.0.1344 with several much sought-after features, including group messaging, custom backgrounds for individual chat screens, photo-based contact avatars, automatic timestamps for all messages, and added support for plenty of global languages.


  1. Is anyone can saw my photo on viber 3G some people told me that I shouldn’t put the (right) mark when viber asked me ( Auto download photo on viber 3G??

  2. The service vero often do not work.
    Service breaks appens 2/3 times every month

    Last break is started yesterday at 21.45 and now after more than 12 hours the service is not working at all

    Bad service ……. Please fix

  3. I did try viber for about a month now and I am going to remove it from my android phone. I never managed to call friends since I never listen their voice even if they listened to me.
    The application is absolutely unfriendly about data ownership: for example there is no way to export and backup messages, and so on.

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