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Volume Rocker: Easily Switch Between Multiple Customizable Volume Presets [Android]

Android users looking for an effective way to manage the volume/audio settings of their device need not look any further than Volume Rocker. Sporting a customizable, extremely simple-to-use interface, Volume Rocker offers you with as a many as five (5) different volume presets, each carrying customizable volume/audio levels for your alarms, notifications, calls, media et al. Switching between various presets (audio profiles), too, is quite simple and requires just a simple swipe on a slider to jump from, say, normal to loud mode. Moreover, the app comes packed with multiple themes and displays the currently selected/active volume preset on your notification bar.


We’ve come across quite a few audio management apps for Android so far (such as Volume Sync and Fine Volume Control), but none have been as easily configurable and readily accessible as Volume Rocker.

From the app’s main (widget-like) interface, you can pick any preferred volume preset of your liking. These include:

  • Silent
  • Vibrate
  • Quiet
  • Normal
  • Loud

The app allows complete personalization of each sound profile. You can specify desired volume levels and vibration settings for Ringer, Notification, System, In-Call, Alarm and Media Volume. So, by putting your device into Silent mode via Volume Rocker, you can actually turn your phone completely silent, with even your media volume and vibrations going totally dumb. Likewise, the app puts you in control of the decision of how loud the Loud profile should be, and what exactly is your take on a volume level that needs to set all your device’s volumes to ‘Normal’.


From the app’s settings screen, you may pick a theme of your choice for the main interface and enable/disable the system’s as well as Volume Rocker’s own status bar icons.


All the app’s currently missing is its own homescreen widget and a scheduler that would be extremely helpful in automatically switching back and forth various volume presets at specified time intervals.


Other than that, Volume Rocker is not a bad tool to have on your Android device. You may download Volume Rocker from the Android Market provided below.

Download Volume Rocker

Update: For users who loved the app’s purpose but were rather annoyed by the on-screen ads, here’s some good news. The developer has now released a paid variant of Vlume Rocker Pro that kills all the adds for $1.87. All other features are more or less the same as that in the free version.

Download Volume Rocker for Android

Download Volume Rocker Pro for Android


  1. anyone tried this out? better than timmeriffic?…which does allow time scheduling when to enable a sound profile etc

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