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Whonear Can Help You Find New Friends Near Your Location [Android]

Whonear is a new and simple way of finding and socializing with people from all over the world and sharing your messages/location with them. It is a location-based social app for Android that displays both friends and strangers around you and lets you interact with them. Not only does the app help you find new friends in your area, it is a great tool for arranging meet-ups your friends.


You need to sign in with valid Whonear credentials to start using the app. New accounts can easily be setup for free from within the app. Once signed in, you can start adding friends who are on the Whonear network or search for people all over the world by typing in their name or email address. The app sports a neat and well-designed home screen with four tabs: whonear, space, messages and me.

To make friends with new people, just tap the Public button under the whonear tab and start picking friends. You can send friend requests and/or messages to people. Find people, make friends with them, search for their friends, add them and make an entire group of new friends in an instant. The app displays all your ‘encounters’ with a particular friend (along with their distance from you) and lets you know when you last saw him/her on Whonear. To stat sharing your own messages with your friends, just tap on the pencil button from any screen on the app, compose your personal message and share it with the world by tapping the Send to space button.


You can see all your activities (posted messages) from the space tab on app’s homescreen while all your personal Whonear messages are displayed under the messages tab. Not only does tapping on a message display the message itself but it also displays the location from where the message was sent.

From the me tab on home screen, you can check your Whonear profile in detail, enable/disable location sharing along with your messages and set your visibility to share your profile with only your friends or just with the people who are near you.


Whonear is a fun, simple app meant to make friends; lots of them and considering it is available in the Android Market free of cost, it won’t be a bad ploy to give it a try. The link below will take you to the Google Play Store page of Whonear.

Download Whonear for Android

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