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WiFiKill For Android: Remove Other Devices From A Wi-Fi Network

Do you share a Wi-Fi network with someone and end up frustrated because all the bandwidth is being hogged? Well, there’s a very mean, yet effective, solution to your problem available on the Android Market right now. With WiFiKill, you can now do what should be considered the meanest thing you can do to a person using the internet; kicking them off the Wi-Fi! Normally, this is managed through a PC with admin rights to the Wi-Fi router, but WiFiKill is here to give you control, and make war as you kick people off of a Wi-Fi network so that you get the bandwidth you need.

Be sure your Android device is rooted if you want to run this app, as it will not work on non rooted devices. The app is actually more simple than what you might anticipate from the task that it manages to accomplish. The best part about this app is that, once you kick someone off the Wi-Fi network, that person would continue to see the network and and the signal strength as it was. It would appear as if the internet has just slowed down to an excruciatingly slow speed.

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When you run the app for the first time, be sure to allow the superuser request. Hit the On button and the app will start searching for devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi network you’re on. Now, how would you go about kicking people off the network? Simply select the device you want kicked and voila, you will soon start hearing the person with that device start complaining about the internet. Optionally, you can also hit the All button to kick off all the devices connected to the network you’re on. They will never know what hit them.


Hit the Settings to bring up a few options available to you, including the option to choose the rejection method. The app has no fancy additional options available to it for now, and it stays true to what it does best. We ended up killing the internet for a handful of unsuspecting members of our team at the Addictive Labs (Editor’s note: it wasn’t as funny then as it sounds now) and for some odd reason, it brought a huge grin to our faces. However, jokes aside, use this app responsibly and in good humor without actually making enemies, because you never know, someone else you know might have read this article as well.

Download WiFiKill for Android | Mirror


  1. whatever you people say i found this application very useful..!!not makig people miserable because they cannot connect to a public wifi..because of this application i found out that someone is connecting to my wifi router…

  2. The Android Market page for this product is now dead… and rightly so.

    Though I would never ACTUALLY do it, in real life…

    …so awful would be anyone using this tool that it’s fun to imagine that If I were in a Starbucks where this happened; and if I could figure out which person did it (and that should be no problem), then s/he and his/her Android would have scalding hot coffee “accidentally” spilled all over them as I accidentally tripped on my way walking past them. Either that, or I’d just revert to straight Chicago (where I’m from) style and slap the S.O.B. so hard that s/he sees stars; then remove the phone from his/her hand and hurl it to the concrete floor as I wish him/her a nice day. [sigh] But, alas, we cannot so indulge ourselves in civilized society. But… hey… one can DREAM, can’t one?

    Bottom line: This app is despicable. If it becomes prevalent, I promise that at lease some communities in my state — and perhaps the entire state, as a state law — would make it illegal. In fact, come to think of it, knowing the cybercrime/hacking laws of my state as I do, I believe that using this tool is ALREADY illegal here. And if the part of the law applies which I THINK applies, it would be a felony.

    Shame on this web site for proffering it. And kudos to the Android Market for killing it.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

    • U spend ur time @ starbucks theres nuttin tuff about u nore does ur profile pic help. Anyway so u spill hot liquid on somebody and there device ok now u can pay 500$ for a new 1 oh ya i made a nandroid backup oh can’t forget my hospital bill to. Wait ur frm chicago rt. The only thing u gonna do iz get hot in the face like the 93 bulls and im frm NYC i’ll pull ur bluff real quick so knock this cyber talk bout what u gonna do red riding hood cry wolf like it says u do in the book.

    • Wat do u care wrote his name, “Wat do u care.”  To which I respond that I care because, unlike you, apparently, I understand my responsibilities under the implied social contract (a concept which I have no doubt escapes you, completely), and so when I see a wrong, I try to right it… or at least report it, as is my civic duty, to law enforcement… hence the part of my post where I talked about it being a felony in California.

      Wat do u care wrote:  “U spend ur time @ starbucks theres nuttin tuff about u nore does ur profile pic help.”  To which I reply:  So… you’re like… what… 14 or something… right?  (A rhetorical question… the meaning of which you’ll no doubt  need to look-up.)  If your extraordinarily immature overuse of what I often refer to as “text speak” (the over-the-top abbreviation of virtually every single word you type, thereby conveying your unbelievable laziness, ignorance, and desperation to be seen as “cool”) is any indication, I’m guessing 14 is either your age, or the number of points below 100 is your IQ… take your pick, either way is bad.

      Oh, yeah… and I spend virtually NO time in Starbucks.  I was just making a point… a hypothetical.  (I’ll pause for a moment while you look-up both that word, and rhetorical.)

      Wat do u care wrote:  “…so u spill hot liquid on somebody and there device ok now u can pay 500$ for a new 1 oh ya i made a nandroid backup oh can’t forget my hospital bill to.”  To which I reply:  That would be “too,” not “to.”  And what part of that I’d never actually do it, but it would nevertheless be a temptation, did you not understand?  Moreover, whatever in the world makes you think that you have the chops.  You’re living in a wanna-be-a-gansta’ dream world, sonny.  And like all posers, you’re all about the bluster, and don’t really even know what you’re talking about.

      And, seriously, the whole hip-hop/rapper wishes-he-was-street text speak thing…

      …just makes you look like an idiot.  Seriously.

      Do yourself a HUGE favor:  Grow-up for about ten years, then look back on this behavior of yours, and I can guarantee that you’ll think to yourself, “What in the world was I thinking?!?!” as you hope no one will remember.

      Oh… one last thing:  If you’re gonna’ claim that you’re in New York (which you, me, and God all know is a lie), be careful about the little “tells” in what you write which convey to anyone who knows what to look for that you’re not even in the US.

      Never kid a kidder, child.  I have corns on my feet that are older — and likely smarter — than you.

      Get a clue.

      Gregg L. DesElms
      Napa, California USA
      gregg at greggdeselms dot com

    • Some XBox 360 puke has been hogging the wifi at my hotel for weeks when I need to conduct business so I can continue to feed my family.  I have reported the puke to management, but they could care less (social contract my ass).  So, I hit the nearest Starbucks and spend more money every day that I need to rely on for other things so I can get online at a decent speed.  I’d hit up a different hotel, however, I’m in a rural area on a budget and this is it.  It would be a freakin godsend to have a WiFi Kill app for my lappy so I can kick this selfish SOB off.  Perhaps if he’s offline and unable to resume gaming, he’ll get a job and become a productive member of society which would make my WiFi Kill on him a philanthropic act all the way around.

    • I wish u would try some shit like that with me, you would leave with Android up your ass nickmcminn60

  3. First, thank you for this write up and bringing this app to our attention.
    But, does anyone know how this app actually works? What is it doing behind the scenes to make this functionality work?
    Given the “BlackHat” nature of such an app I think the community would really appreciate that bit of information. Even if the technical details were over some folks heads, at least you’re keeping us properly informed.
    Ignorance is bliss, until the Feds show up…

    • Seems it is doing ARP spoofing. So all other device thinks that your phone is the router, and then it blocks the connection.

    • But i thought u need a really good end computer to do effective ARP spoofing,how can he do it with a 1GHz processor i tested and was able to disconnect 576 connections at same time thou application crashed on my 1GHz but it did’t on my friend’s Dual-core phone.

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