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WordCam For Android: Convert Your Photos Into Awesome Text Art

The Google Play Store may be filled with a plethora of photo editors, but apps that let users convert images into typographic art are still rare. WordCam is the newest, and perhaps, the best addition to Android apps of this genre. The app allows you to snap a fresh image, or import one from your device’s gallery to transform it into a work of typographic art using a font type and words of your choice. you can even fine tune the way the defined text that reforms the photo.


Before we explore the app’s other features, let us inform you that WordCam is available in the Google Play Store as a free and $2.00 variant. We found the free version to be a bit too restricted for our liking, as it does not let you pick any font other than the default one (Janda font), doesn’t allow using custom text (which means that you’ll have to make do with the default words ‘Word’ and ‘Cam’), and doesn’t include the aforementioned fine-tuning option.

The app’s interface is pretty simple. The Words and Fonts buttons at the top let you pick custom text and fonts for the images respectively. The app maintains a history of all the added words/text. To delete a word from the list, simply hold down on it. As the info on this screen will tell you, you can use a combination of words for the effect. Tapping the Gallery button lets you pick an image from your device’s gallery whereas the Camera button lets you capture a fresh snap. Another good thing about the app is that it does not compress or change the original dimension of the images during post processing. Images saved via the app can be found within the WordCam folder on your device’s SD card.


According to the developer, future updates of the app might bring better features, including additional fonts, photo enhancement tools, and a whole photo sharing community of its own.

While the app can be used to work on almost any image, for optimum results, try avoiding images that contain too many objects, or only a few shades of color. Below are a few fine examples of artwork that can be created using WordCam:


Download WordCam Free for Android

Download WordCam Full for Android (Paid)


  1. There is an updated revision of the app already available on the Android Market which opens up font selection and fine-tuning for the free version.  By the way, thanks for the review! 😉

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