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Yet Another Baseband 05.12.01 Loophole!

Seems like iPhone/iPod Touch baseband 05.12.01 season is in full swing. Only yesterday we had told you about @geohot’s discovery of another working exploit for the latest baseband offering from apple. Feb. 21, it seems @musclenerd, a highly respected dev-team member, has also rediscovered another of the old, long lost loopholes in Apple’s masterpiece.

The rediscovered exploit is the same crashing command that dev-team’s first yellowsn0w unlock was supposed to use, before geohot found the +stkprof exploit. This ‘unused’ loop was ‘accidentally’ closed by Apple in baseband 02.28.00, or so it seemed. However, what actually happened was that Apple just blocked off the command, but did not close the hole itself. Check out musclenerd’s tweets below (click on the images for more).


And the fun continues…


@visnet_, tweeting from Austria, confirmed that there are now at least three working exploits for baseband 05.12.01.


With this development, who knows we may finally get to see an unlock for the new baseband well before too long. However, keeping in view Apple’s history of ‘accidentally’ closing holes, the dev-team/geohot may not want to waste any of them before OS 3.2 or the next-gen 4.0 are actually launched. Stay with us for more developments on this front.


  1. I think it’s best they wait for iphone 4 to hit the shelves before they release it, making it easier for them to unlock the new iphone.

  2. GeoHot and all the rest of you lot are jokers! got it working and not puting it out! piss takers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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