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YouTube Android App Updated, Adds Playlists & Editing Video Uploads

The official YouTube client for Android is among those few apps that are almost irreplaceable, courtesy of the amazingly rich set of features that it possesses. Addition of more and more goodies and stern focus on performance stability along with each subsequent update has helped the app maintain its repute as being the best YouTube video streaming app for Android. Now, for Android users who wanted to gain better control over their uploaded videos on YouTube, here’s good news. The official YouTube app for Android has recently been updated (to v 2.2.14) and now not only allows users to set privacy controls over their uploaded videos but also lets them edit titles, descriptions and tags of previously uploaded videos. Apart from this, updated YouTube app also sports fresh video uploading user interface and lets you create, edit and delete video playlists from within the app. Moreover, there have been other minor bug fixes and performance improvements from the previous version.

As is obvious from the above, with the latest update, the official YouTube app for Android has inched closer to the popular video hosting service itself, courtesy of the extended video editing features that have been incorporated within the app. The screenshots below perfectly depict changes that have been made at both ends: customizing privacy settings and editing description of video uploads.

While previous version of YouTube allowed users to just delete videos from their video uploads list, the updated version lets them edit the title, description and tags to these videos and define new privacy settings. Said video editing and privacy features have been added to the video upload menu as well for user convenience. To edit or delete a video from the Uploads list, just hit the arrow beside the video title, and make your choice. The list of features included within this update don’t just end here. Another welcome addition is the “Add Playlist” button in the playlist menu which was badly missed in previous versions. With this option, users can easily add new playlists and tweak privacy option for each. The updated YouTube app also supports video playback even if your device is on standby. This means that you can now listen to your favorite music on the go rather than having to forcefully watch the video.

So head over to the Android Market to update the YouTube app on your device and enjoy the recently added video uploading and playlist editing features.

Download YouTube (v2.2.14) for Android

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