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Zeppelin: Replace Carrier Name With An Icon Of Your Choice [Cydia]

Cydia for jailbroken iOS devices is all about letting users customize their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in any way they want. The developers over at the Cydia store are known for releasing tweaks for even the smallest, and seemingly insignificant, areas of iDevices. There are ways to personalize the carrier name of your iPhone displayed in the status bar at the top of the screen. You can either use “MakeItMine”, or the incorporated customization option in SBSettings. However, Zeppelin is a new Cydia tweak which goes one step further, and using it, you can replace the carrier name with any icon of your choice.

The tweak is available in the ModMyi repo of the jailbreak store. As ModMyi is one of the default repositories, all you have to do is search for Zeppelin in Cydia and install it to your iPhone. The tweak is available as a free download and compatible with iOS 4 & iOS 5. Once installed, Zeppelin will add its menu in the Settings app, and in it, you can choose one of the available icons, with the likes of Batman, Superman and even Android listed. After you have chosen an icon, make sure that Zeppelin is enabled, and then hit the Apply & Respring button. Immediately after the device comes back to the lock screen, you will see that the carrier name is gone, showing your chosen icon in its place.

Zeppelin Menu Zeppelin iOS Icons

If you are not satisfied with the available collection of icons, you can add any new icon by adding it to “/Library/Zeppelin” via SSH. The icon needs to be in PNG format, and once you have added it to the given location, will appear in the tweak’s icon list. However, Zeppelin suffers a few issues in its current state. If you are using MakeItMine, the tweak won’t work for you, even if you disable MakeItMine. Also, you might face issues while trying to add a custom icon to Zeppelin.

Apart from all these problems, the end results do look nice if you get Zeppelin running on your iDevice, so do give this free tweak a try if you like to customize the appearance of your iPhone.

Update: Zeppelin is now so popular that hardly a day goes by when a new logo pack for the tweak is not released in the Cydia store. You can now find logos for almost any comic character, organization or team without having to do anything yourself.


  1. after I installed zeppelin in my iphone 3g. the screen stop responding to any touch. is it not compatible with ios 4 anymore ?

  2. updated my zep today… sadly all I can get is the “none” to replace carrier logo… the rest of the stuff failed to replace carrier logo 🙁

    how to fix this?

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