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How Much Does Netflix Cost Per Month?

Seeing as how popular this streaming service is these days, you might be wondering how much does Netflix cost per month? Why does everyone flock to Netflix and not the other brands? Well, Netflix has a lot of features the other brands do not and that’s why almost everyone subscribes to it. Not only does it have great features, but a tremendous selection of movies and select shows. Read here on how to change regions on netflix

Netflix has top television series, exclusive movies, videos, including Netflix originals no one else has — and this could be why the brand is one of the hottest streaming services online. If price is the only thing standing between you and Netflix, you may be upset when you find out how much — or actually how little — a Netflix account costs.

How Much Is Netflix a Month 2020?

Netflix offers three plans, and they’re all relatively inexpensive. They each offer a free trial to start the subscription with and you decide if you want a basic, standard, or Netflix premium plan after that. If you want the basic service, you still get great features. If you want more than basic, you don’t have to worry — the plan is still affordable.

All the plans are cheaper than cable programming, including a Netflix yearly subscription. Some plans put a limit how many devices you are allowed to stream at the same time. This is not to say you’re restricted from watching as many shows and movies as you want, you just can’t do it simultaneously. But let’s check them out and see which subscription is right for you.

Netflix Plans Comparison

No matter if you choose the Netflix Basic Plan or the Premium one, you’ll start with the free trial and go on to the full subscription if that’s what you want to do. If you stay, you’ll be billed one month after the date of your free trial expiration.

What we love about having a Netflix account is that no one is making you stay. You can pull out at any time and it won’t show up on your credit report. In other words, there’s no contract to sign.

The Basic Plan

This plan runs about $8.99 per month. You can put your feet up, drop popcorn on the floor, and watch unlimited movies all day. Catch up on your favorite television series or you can use your wireless devices to screen movies for the kids. The drawbacks to the Basic Plan are that you can’t do HD, Ultra HD, or watch more than one screen at a time. You can, however, download a movie and watch it at a later time while you’re offline.

The Standard Plan

What’s different about this plan? Actually, not much. You can view two screens at a time now and in HD. Ultra HD is not yet available to Standard users, however, you can download movies now and view them later. Plus, you have unlimited access to shows and movies. This Netflix plan will run you around $12.99 a month. Keep in mind Netflix yearly subscription price is about one month of cable viewing.

Netflix Premium Plan

This is the plan to get if you have a family with different taste or us multiple televisions in the home at the same time. It’s only $15.99 a month and it has the same benefits as the other plans. However, this time you can watch a drama series on the phone, while watching a comedy on your television. There’s nothing like multi-viewing limitless movies and television shows in HD or Ultra HD.

Note: You get the first month free no matter which plan you choose. You wouldn’t be the only one to get a few of your friends together and split the bill and screens. This way you each pay only $4 per month, plus tax depending on where you live, but don’t tell Netflix I said that. Sharing is caring!

Which Subscription Should You Choose?

Only you know what’s best for you and your needs. For HD Ultra, you need a compatible computer monitor or a 60Hz television and high speed internet. We suggest doing a speed test before committing to the Premium plan if you’re getting that plan specifically to have Ultra HD. This plan may not be for you after all. If you look at it, the only difference between the Standard and the Netflix Premium price is the Ultra HD. Good luck!

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