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How Much Is a Netflix Subscription?

If you haven’t joined Netflix yet — what are you waiting for? If you’re dreading the sign up process, don’t fret — it’s easy as pie. You can use any of your wireless devices to sign up with, and you’ll be happy to know you get a month’s free trial. That means you’ll have a whole month to binge watch all of the popular TV shows and hit television series you’ve been unable to check out.

The great thing about Netflix is that there aren’t any contracts and you won’t owe Netflix another dime if you stop your subscription in the middle of streaming a show. You’ll still get to enjoy new releases and throwbacks until your month ends! So let’s get to the question of the day: how much is a Netflix subscription?

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Netflix Subscription Price and Plans

If you want to sign up with Netflix, know there are three plans you can participate in: Basic, Standard, and Premium. So let’s go over the Netflix cost by 2020.

How Much Is a Netflix Subscription?

The Basic Plan

Millions start out with the Basic Plan but later upgrade. The Basic Plan isn’t bad at all, and it costs about $8 a month. The only real restriction is you can’t stream more than one device at a time If you live alone, this is a great option for you. However, if you have a roommate, one of the other plans may work out best for you.

Standard Netflix Account

After starting out with the Basic account, plenty of viewers upgrade to the Standard plan. It’s by far the best value for your money, and still it doesn’t cost that much. Deduct roughly $12.99 from your budget each month for this Netflix plan.

What’s different if you choose this account over the Basic or Premium service? Besides the price, the difference is so small you won’t even notice it. Now you’ll be able to stream movies on two different devices. You can also plan movie dates with your friends and have fun with the family.

Netflix Premium Price

In terms of being the best package, this could be the one you’re looking for, but only if you’re interested in HD TV or Ultra HD. It’s the only difference in the features for the price. This plan will run you $15.99 each month or for a Netflix yearly subscription, you’d be out of pocket around $200 give or take a few.

Netflix DVD

DVDs used to be highly popular but they faded out of style. Still, a few people have held onto the idea of popping in a movie. Netflix has continued to mail-out DVDs to customers who request them. Not sure what a DVD rental from Netflix cost 2020, but it was about $7.99 per month last year. So if you’re renting movies, this will save a few bucks

How to Watch Netflix in 202

Most of us are watching Netflix on our smartphones when we have time on our hands. Sometimes, the quality is better there because not everyone has the hardware to get high quality resolution using televisions. You could buy a HDMI cable and accessories for your television to make the quality better, and a lot of people use this option.

Once you set it up, start a Netflix party! Invite your friends to watch movies with you. There’s an app on the Netflix website that lets friends watch movies together. Download the extension to the Google Chrome browser and you’re ready to party!

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