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Batch Upload Photos From Your Android Phone to Flickr [Paid]

Uploading your photos to flickr from your phone can be quite a hassle. While it can be easily done from a PC, there can be times when you are on vacation and don’t have access to your computer, but can’t wait to upload that latest album to share it with everyone. Although several apps are available to do this, they require you to upload the photos one by one. Batch Photos Uploader – Flickr is a paid Android application available at the Android Market for $0.99 that allows you to upload photos to your flickr account in batch mode directly from your Android device.

Android Flickr Batch Uploader

Batch Photos Uploader – Flickr has a very decent and well-thought user interface that makes it a breeze to upload photos to flickr in bulk. Once you install and launch the app, you will be presented with the screen shown above. As you can see, there are handy explanation balloons for every major feature of the user interface to make the process of using the app as easy as possible for even those who are new to Android or computers.

To start uploading, simply select the photos you want to upload by tapping on the Photos button. As you keep on adding photos, They will appear in a preview pane. From there, you can edit them using the built-in editor, set a cover picture for the current album, and start uploading. You can also delete the photos that you have added to the queue by mistake, or simply no longer want in the album.

The program allows you to import photos from different albums in your phone and preview them in a sliding interface before you choose to upload them. It can operate in the background, uploading as you perform other tasks. Once a background upload has finished, it gives you a notification. Also, there is a handy counter in the top-left section of the app that shows a count of how many photos are still pending upload in the queue.

All the above features and the no-frills, straight-forward approach makes this handy app worth the purchase for all those Android users who do a lot of photography from their Android devices and need to upload those photos to Flickr frequently. Even for those of us who need to do so just once in a while, the price tag makes it a handy purchase for such occasions.

Batch Photos Uploader – Android costs $0.99 and works on any phone running Android 2.1+. Testing was done using HTC Desire running Android 2.2.

Download Batch Photos Uploader – Flickr

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