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Cydia App Clone Display Recorder Comes To App Store, Lets You Create Screencasts On iPhone & iPad

iOS was the first major smartphone platform to offer native screen capture capabilities to its users. Screenshots can prove to be a useful feature in a smartphone, and might save you from a lot of trouble in a number of scenarios. However, a still image can never be as detailed and revealing as a motion and audio-incorporating video. For instance, if you just want to boast about your great Temple Run score, a screenshot of the winning moment will suffice, but what if your friends ask you to teach them the game? In the latter. you will need to create a screencast by capturing your iPhone or iPad’s display in the form of a video. Until recently, only Cydia users had the option to record their iDevice’s screen (thanks to Ryan Petrich’s Display Recorder app for jailbroken phones), but an app with the same name has been released in the App Store, and now any iOS user can create screencasts and video tutorials on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The app looks much more polished than the Cydia one, and you can add your own voice to the screencasts as well.

Display Recorder iOS Display Recorder Settings

Display Recorder is a new release, so it’s far from perfect right now. There are a few bugs and shortcomings, but it’s still a good app for non-jailbroken iDevices. Creating screencasts using Display Recorder isn’t too complicated, and there are some really neat customization options available in the app’s Settings menu as well. To get started, you have to go to the main Display Recorder screen and hit the play button there. This initiates the screencast, and leaves you free to navigate to any area of the OS. However, before you start recording, it is better to configure the app for optimal performance. From the Settings menu of the app, users can make changes to the following aspects:

  • Record Type: Lets you change recording type to video only, audio only or an audio-supported video.
  • Max Duration: You can choose the maximum record time from here.
  • Video Settings: The app lets its users select the capture mode, video quality, video size and orientation.
  • Audio Settings: This menu lists all the supported codecs and sample rate of the screencast’s accompanying sound.
  • Sort Options: Using Sort Options, you can select the sorting criteria of the recorded clips.

Display Recorder Home Display Recorder Sharing Display Recorder Clip

While Display Recorder is working in the background, your phone will be a bit laggy (at least our iPhone 4 was) but not so bad that it will interfere with its normal functioning. When you are done recording, go back to the Display Recorder app and hit the Stop button. All the screencasts recorded via the app are saved in the Recorded Items section of Display Recorder, and you can export the video to your camera roll. It is also possible to upload the captures to YouTube or open them in some other app. To rename the video or add other descriptive details to it, tap the little blue arrow next to its name and fill the desired fields. You can even mark videos as private, or categorize them distinctly for easy sorting.

Display Recorder is a universal app, and hence you can grab it for both iPhone and iPad. The app fetches for $1.99, but if you don’t have access to the Cydia store, that price isn’t too much for getting such a useful capability.

Download Display Recorder

Update: Unsurprisingly, the app has been pulled from the App Store.

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