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FreezePaint For iPhone: A Unique Way To Merge Parts Of A Photo With Another

Photo apps for the iPhone are a dime a dozen but every now and then, you come across a unique one that stands out. For instance, one that lets you take a photo, freeze any part of it on screen by freely swiping your finger on it and then take another picture with your selected frozen parts overlaid on it. You can even remove the dark circles around your eyes with it, with ease, though in a rather unorthodox manner. It’s a concept rather hard to describe in words, but we’ve got you covered with our detailed review, hands-on screenshots and even a story! Read on for our detailed review.

FreezePaint for iPhone Freeze All

The past week has been rather tough on our friend Pandy the Panda, who has been overworked, putting in long nights at work and getting little rest, if any. As a result, he has ended up with dark circles around his eyes, but he has to send his picture to his long-distance Aussie girlfriend Katie the Koala, and doesn’t wanna look awful. Lucky for him, his long time buddy Harry the Hedgehog comes to the rescue with FreezePaint.

FreezePaint for iPhone Info FreezePaint for iPhone Begin

Harry also brings along his friend Fatty the Frog, who is a happy-go-lucky fellow and has big, bright, shiny eyes all the time! Harry takes out his iPhone and launches FreezePaint. He simply selects a brush size from its options, points it at Fatty, selects his eyes by swiping his fingers over them on the screen, and voila – the eyes are now in frozen mode on the screen, while everything else shows the current camera view in the background.

FreezePaint for iPhone Settings FreezePaint for iPhone Hover

Next, he points the camera at Pandy, adjusts the view till Fatty’s eyes (that are hovering over the camera view now) cover Pandy’s, and taps the button on the left of the settings gear and finally taps the ‘freeze all’ button in the options that pop up. Pandy’s picture now has Fatty’s big, bright, shiny eyes, and he can happily share it directly with Katie using various methods, by tapping the share button! It couldn’t have possibly been easier.

FreezePaint for iPhone Freeze All FreezePaint for iPhone Share

FreezePaint is available at iTunes App Store for $0.99. Grab it and make your own story, while Pandy and Katie chat and get to be all lovey dovey on iMessage, and Harry and Fatty go along seeking more adventures. Made your story already? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments!

Download FreezePaint for iPhone & iPod touch

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