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Unlockize: Get 6 Awesome Unlock Animations On Your Jailbroken iPhone

The awe-inspiring lock screen Cydia tweak, Unfold (reviewed here), hasn’t grown old yet, and already there is a new boss in town. Although Unlockize is based on the same principle as Unfold, the newer tweak is six times better than the latter! We say six, because that’s exactly the number of lockscreen animations offered by Unlockize! Each animation is as good as the one offered by Unfold, and there’s even one that is identical to the unfold animation made famous by the former. Not only can you choose any of the available animations when using Unlockize, the tweak is intelligent enough to automatically switch between animations if the user has chosen more than one. So, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, head past the break to know more about Unlockize and get a preview of each of the animations in the tweak.

Fold to Unlock iOS Slice to Unlock iOS Fade Unlock iOS

Unlockize is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and once you have installed it to your iPhone or iPod touch, the first of its listed animations (fold to unlock) will become active automatically. The tweak doesn’t have any Springboard icon of its own, and is completely configurable via its menu in the stock Settings app. The first toggle in the Unlockize menu is there to let users toggle the tweak, while the following six will let you choose your favorite animations. Unlockize consists of these animations.

  • Fold to unlock: Exactly like the Unfold tweak.
  • Slice to unlock: The screen is revealed in fragments, giving the whole thing a sliced effect.
  • Fade to unlock: Pretty self-explanatory
  • Open blinds (tall): Vertical slices to show the Home screen.
  • Open blinds (wide): Horizontal rendition of the previous animation.
  • Checker to unlock: A combination of Fade and Slice to unlock.

Vertical Blinds Unlock iOS Horizontal Blinds Unlock iOS Checkers Unlock iOS

If you choose multiple animations simultaneously, Unlockize makes sure that each one gets its turn. The lockscreen will alternate between all the chosen animations. One thing we did notice, though; the Slide to Unlock text remains the same, no matter what animation you select. Fortunately, that’s the only apparent bug in the tweak, and everything else works pretty smoothly. Like Unfold, Unlockize supports passcode lock, and if you have one set up on your iDevice, the lockscreen will go away to reveal the passcode screen rather than your Springboard.

Although Unlockize is clearly the superior tweak when compared to Unfold, it is not available as a free download in the Cydia store, and will cost you $1.99. Also, Unlockize is not compatible with iPad. Still, if you have a jailbroken iPhone and a taste for personalization, Unlockize is a dream come true.

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