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Hextech Repair Tool: Fix League of Legends Problems Fast

If you’re a League of Legends player and frequently have to deal with in-game technical issues, it can ruin your entire experience.

Examples include FPS drops, packet loss, server connection errors, network congestion, game loading issues, stuttering, latency, and various bugs.

There are several ways to deal with such problems, starting with checking your Internet connection and reviewing your computer configuration.

Hextech Repair Tool

Specifically designed for League of Legends, Hextech Repair Tool is a simple application that can fix your LOL problems at the software level by optimizing game and PC settings using automated troubleshooting.

How to download Hextech Repair Tool

You can download Hextech Repair Tool from the League of Legends support page for Windows or Mac.

The installation procedure is performed almost instantly, with absolutely no intervention on your behalf. Afterward, the program files are automatically in the Riot Games folder.

If Hextech Repair Tool won’t install, make sure you have administrative privileges.

How to use Hextech Repair Tool

The main window of Hextech Repair Tool

  1. Make sure to exit League of Legends
  2. Launch Hextech Repair Tool
  3. Select the region of your game server
  4. Enable the options you want to apply (if you’re unsure, select all except Disable Firewall)
  5. Click Start and wait
  6. Restart your computer

Key features

  • Run a ping test between your computer and Lol servers
  • Synchronize your system clock
  • Attempt to restore the health of nearby turrets
  • Gather log details about your computer and LoL game installation
  • Shows known problems in your region
  • Use public DNS servers to speed up your Internet connection and avoid bottlenecks
  • Automatically assign DNS servers
  • Repatch League of Legends by force
  • Reinstall all game files
  • Make exceptions for League of Legends in the firewall
  • Disable your firewall (not recommended)

As soon as the Hextech Repair Tool finishes its job, it creates a folder with log files (on Windows only).

At this point, fire up League of Legends to see if you’re experiencing the same issues as before. If the errors persist, you can send LOL a ticket and attach the log files to your email.

Is Hextech Repair Tool safe?

The tiny LoL patching tool was developed by Riot Games, so there’s no reason to question its authenticity. And, according to its VirusTotal report, the MSI file is completely clean.

When it comes to the level of damage it can do to your computer, the most intrusive option is disabling your firewall. Even if you do, you can quickly turn it back on.


The Hextech Repair Tool is fast and extremely easy to use. It applies automated troubleshooting to your computer and game files by running a series of checks at the network and firewall level.

It should definitely be part of any League of Legends fan’s software collection. Whenever you start experiencing problems with LoL (which is often), just fire up Hextech Repair Tool to fix them with minimum effort.

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