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Adept Manager – A Graphical User Interface For Managing Packages In Ubuntu Linux

Package Management(installing new software, removing old one and upgrading the existing) is one of the most important topics in Linux. All Linux distributions offer some great ways to install packages, RHEL, Centos, Fedora offer yum while Debian and Ubuntu have the power of Apt-get with them.

But Apt-get  works on the command line, and you can also use Synaptic Package Manager if you want to install your modules from GUI. But let me share another great tool called Adept Manager which offers a graphical interface to install, upgrade, and remove software in Ubuntu.

It is basically developed for KDE but works on Gnome as well. Installing it is very easy,  just open the terminal and run the following command,

sudo apt-get install adept

Once installation is complete, you can launch it from Application > Accessories > Adept Manager.


The left sidebar contains different tabs, you can search Packages from the Search tab. Just as an example I searched Firefox and it displayed all the packages with the name firefox.

It also offers different options in front of every package, like install, upgrade, remove, etc according to the status of the package. In this way we can easily perform our desired operation  with a sinlge click.


Sources shows you the list of the available software, the Details tab gives the details about the packages. The Changes tab lets you apply the changes that you made to the packages. You can track the progress of the tasks from the Progress tab.


This tool will help the beginners speed up the installation, upgradation, and removal of packages in Ubuntu. Enjoy!


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