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Check Motherboard, BIOS, Processor, CPU ID From Command Line In Ubuntu Linux

Most users of Linux based systems work on the command line. Remote system administrators connect to their production servers via the command line and run multiple commands to achieve tasks. Lets see how we can determine the Motherboard, BIOS and CPU information directly from the command line.

Launch the Terminal and run the following command to determine the CPU ID:

sudo dmidecode –t 4 | grep ID

The following command will display the BIOS information on the terminal:

sudo dmidecode –t o

The following command will show you the processor information.

sudo dmidecode –t 4

If you are want to see the OEM information of your machine then run the following command:

sudo dmidecode –t 11


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  • Many thanks. I am using Ubuntu now and so happly with it, thought be familiar with command line is not an easy task!

  • James

    You guys are fantastic at writing for Linux, specially the command line tips are great. It really made my life easy. I am all set on Linux now with the help of your great command line tips. Please come up wiyth some bash scripts tooo

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