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CLI Companion Is A GUI Based Terminal For Beginners

Ubuntu newbies always find the Terminal to be the most puzzling part of the operating system. It can be quite hard to remember even basic commands and to understand the concept of adding PPAs for downloading application packages. Although, there are many Terminal alternatives like Guake, but they do not provide help for new users and merely add some tabs and interfaces changes which only add convenience for the Pro users. CLI Companion is a GUI alternative for the Ubuntu Terminal which displays Terminal commands in a list and allows running them in one click. Previously performed commands are also stored in a searchable list and tab support adds the utility of performing multiple Terminal tasks conveniently.

CLI Companion works like the normal terminal where you can run commands and mange tasks in separate tabs located at the right-hand side of the main interface. A new tab can be added by clicking on the + icon, whereas, old tabs can be closed from the X mark on each tab. New users can greatly benefit from the command list and instantly run any command by selecting it and clicking on Run.


To save a command click on Add, enter the commands and click OK.


All saved commands and the ones present in the Command List by default, can be searched using the search box. Typing the initials of a command displays a list of matching commands with the search criteria. You can select a command and run it in the Terminal. This can help new users to save a list of important commands and use them at their convenience without having to remember them individually. Pro users too can benefit from this feature by saving lengthy and convoluted commands.

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CLI Companion can be installed from the Deb package available at the Launchpad link given below.

Download CLI Companion

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