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Empty Trash From System Tray In Ubuntu With Trash Indicator

For some reason the Ubuntu Trash icon is always located in the least interactive area of the desktop. You might have often forgotten to clear your Trash due to the fact that the Unity Launcher icon is quite dull in appearance and more or less integrates with the launcher’s black background which makes it less noticeable. Even if you are using the Classic Ubuntu desktop, one barely notices the dull grey trash can located at the bottom right corner of the desktop. So, if you often forget to empty the Trash bin as it is barely noticeable, try open source Trash Indicator. It places the Trash icon in a more interactive part of your desktop, i.e. the system tray from where you are more likely to remember emptying the Trash bin. Adding the Trash icon to the system tray can also be helpful for non Unity users who use alternative launchers like Cairo Dock,  as they would not like to clutter their dock up with a Trash icon.

Adding the Trash Bin to the Appindicator menu can be quite helpful as it contains one of the most interactive application indicators like Skype, Gwibber, Evolution Mail Client and the like, which are often accessed from this part of the desktop. This can serve as a good reminder to keep the Trash can in check for periodically removing junk. You can empty and view the number of files in the Trash can via right-click menu and open the Trash can by left-clicking on the system tray icon. This functionality is much similar to the Windows based application known as Minibin.

System tray

Trash Indicator can also be useful for Ubuntu users who prefer using dock applications like Cairo Dock or Avant Window Navigator as they can avoid adding a Trash can to their Docks and conserve dock space.

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